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Jaxonz - Ported by insaneplumber

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Speeds updating of lazy SkyUI MCM menus.

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Few things to note! Read first!
  • This port is provided as-is. The original author, Jaxonz, left the modding community several years ago.
  • The current version was ported by insaneplumber. I thought my port worked, but it didn't. Be sure to update.

Hopefully this'll help out with MCM loading issues. :)

Original description:
Goodbye Missing or Lazy Mod Menus!
MCM Kicker automatically updates SkyUI menus from problematic mods!

Have you ever loaded a cool mod only to never see it's configuration menu show up in SkyUI?
Did you update a mod and not see the new features in MCM?
Jaxonz MCM Kicker fixes that.

Why It Happens
It is an easy mistake (that I have made myself a few times), but some modders forget to implement proper initialization and update code for SkyUI's MCM menus.

This can often be resolved by opening the command console and typing:
setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1

Oisaco1 came up with the great idea of creating a mod for that, and this is the result.

  • Checks SKSE version and proper installation
  • Checks SkyUI version and proper installation
  • Fixes missing SkyUI MCM mod menus
  • Forces updates of SkyUI MCM mod menus
  • Politely waits for SkyUI and well behaved mods to do their thing first
  • Only runs at game load and then gets out of the way


  • An incompatibility has been identified with Snotgurg's Equipment HUD mod, which resets options to default when MCM Kicker causes the menu to reload.
  • Compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods.
  • No known conflicts with any other mods. Any load order works.
  • Can be cleanly removed at any time.

All Jaxonz mods are professionally coded for stability and high quality.