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Adds a unique Divine Crusader themed arm gun based on the ridiculous "Pelinal (Animated Opera)" Youtube video, which depicts Pelinal Whitestrake as having a Mega Man-style arm blaster. Complete a small treasure hunt quest to find Pelinal's greatest weapon, his "left hand made of killing light!"

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"He was Pelinal the Whitestrake because of his left hand, made of a killing light; he was Pelinal the Bloody, for he drank it in victory; he was Pelinal Insurgent, because he gave the crusades a face; he was Pelinal In Triumph, as the words eventually became synonymous, and men-at-arms gave thanks to the Eight when they saw his banner coming through war..."

-The Song of Pelinal, Vol. 1

He was called Pelinal Whitestrake, a scourge upon Elvenkind.  He led the Allessian slave revolt with a savage hand, and brought ruin upon their elven overlords.  He was gifted Eight powerful artifacts, gifts from the Divines who had taken pity on the plight of Man.  With this power, Pelinal wiped the Ayleids from Tamriel and paved the way for the Empires of Man.  But stories speak of a ninth gift, a gift from the Missing God.  "His left hand, made of a killing light."  A gift from Lorkhan.  It is called the Doom Drum, for its power embodied the very mortality Elvenkind had come to fear.  But Pelinal's bloodlust knew no bounds, and in his fatal hour the gods took the weapon from him, and hid it far away where no other could ever use its power again...

I came across this ridiculous but awesome video recently:

In it, it depicts Pelinal Whitestrake as a futuristic murder-bot, complete with a Mega Man arm blaster.  After digging into the lore a bit, I found that this isn't that far from the truth, and that the Song of Pelinal mentions his "Left Hand made of Killing Light."  Inspired by this, and by Mahty's recent Dwarven Arm Gun mod, I decided to make a weapon of my own that gives a [very loosely] lore-based reasoning behind this absurd weapon, and makes it available for the player to find and use.

The weapon is a slight modification of one of Mahty's dwemer weapons, with modified textures that match the Divine Crusader armor and weapons.  It is extremely overpowered, as it should be.  I created a little bit of lore and a short quest around it to make it slightly lore-friendly.  It will take a little bit of digging to find, as it was hidden away by the gods, but there is a letter in the Drunken Huntsman that will point you in the right direction.

To get the full experience, you might want to download my Pelinal armor mod, which replaces the Knights of the Nine armor with something much more in line with the all-white armor that he wears in the video.  Get it here.

The weapon is set up as a piece of armor (a ring, technically) that when picked up adds two other pieces of armor, intended to be separate firing modes.  Equipping one of those "modes" will add a powerful ability (think of it as "ammo") in the form of an invisible staff.  Since it's an invisible staff, technically speaking you can use it in either hand, or even dual wield them.  This is how Mahty did it, and I haven't been able to come up with a better way.  There's not really any way to stop you from using them incorrectly, so you'll have to role-play a bit.  However, unequipping that "mode," or dropping the main armor, will remove the added items, so it should stop you from too much exploitation.

--When you equip the main version, it shows up in a retracted version that is pulled back above the wrist, so that you can still use weapons normally. This will also add the "energy shield"  ability, which is a combination of a magical ward and a regenerative spell, as well as a shock cloak; it will protect you from harm as it heals you, and hurts everything around you.

-When you equip the "Ranged Mode", it will show up with an extended version, and it will add the "energy bolt" ability, which is a concentrated energy blast, similar to the original Dwarven Arm Gun mod.  It shoots a projectile that flies straight and far and explodes on impact with devastating power.

-When you equip the "Combat Mode", it will show up with the shorter-barreled version, and it will add the "energy beam" ability, which is an overwhelming, Anime-style energy blast that erupts from the gun and kills everything in its path.  It doesn't have as much range as the first, but is incredibly powerful.

-You can convert the armor to a right-handed version at the forge, as well as a "corrupted" version to match the Dark Crusader armors from Knights of the Nine.  You will need the Dwarven Smithing & Arcane Blacksmith perks in order to do so.  It doesn't change anything with the actual abilities, it just changes what hand the armor shows up on and how it looks.

Also, when you pick up the weapon, it will add a new shout, called "Praise Reman."  This powerful shout has three very different effects for each word.

-The first word is a combination of the Nord Battle Cry power and the Werewolf Howl ability, so it will scare enemies and rally allies.

-The second word is a combination of the Disarm and Marked for Death shouts.

-The third word combines the Dunmer Ancestor's Wrath flame cloak with the Slow Time shout, as well as Alduin's Firestorm shout.  This will absolutely devastate enemy ranks, while you become a whirlwind of fiery vengeance.

-Clearly this weapon is absolutely overpowered, but that's kind of the point.  It's not really supposed to be taken seriously; it's supposed to be as absurd and ridiculous and awesome as the video that inspired it!

-It will only remove the "modes" if you drop/sell the "main" (the one that has value and weight.)

-Every time you pick it up, you will re-learn the word of the Praise Reman shout. If you already unlocked them, however, they will remain unlocked, so you only have to do that once.

-If you accidentally lose/sell/give away one of the modes or ammos, don't panic, because unequipping and re-equipping or dropping and picking up the main will re-add those items through the script.

-You can let a follower use the weapon by giving them the proper armor and ammo. Since these items will continuously replace through the scripts, you could theoretically build an entire army armed with this weapon. Do with that information what you will.

-I could try to create some workarounds to keep some of these exploits from happening, but it might end up being more trouble, and more script-intensive, than I want it to be. If you want it to feel genuine, you'll have to roleplay a bit. If you want to use the exploits and break your game in awesome ways, have at it! (That would probably be the MOST Pelinal thing to do.)

-The powers can be equipped on either hand; there's not really any easy way to force it to only be on the left.

-I cannot account for every possible type of gauntlet or weapons, so you might have some clipping occur through the wrist armor.  Not a whole lot I can do about that, without making it comically large.

-Do an SSE version that matches the Creation Club's Divine Crusader Armor (I would have to adapt Mahty's mod too.)

Knights of the Nine - Matys743 -
Knights of the Nine Battlemage - Solartails -
Lore Weapon Expansion - InsanitySorrow -
Star-Made Knight - Araanim -

Dwaven Arm Gun - Mahty -

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