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A simple expansion to Dawnstar focused on compatibility and performance.

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Adds a simple expansion to the town of Dawnstar to enhance immersion while still being performance/compatible friendly.

I've always liked the idea of Dawnstar. A port town that's not only the third-largest port in Skyrim, but also a hold capital should be a bit bigger than one sailor you can't even trade with. So I came up with this. 

I'm a big fan of the Holidays mod but most Dawnstar mods are incompatible. Dawnstar is severely lacking, so I decided to create something simple to add a bit of set dressing without being incompatible. This mod adds two merchants, some sailors (that are aligned with the Dawnstar guard faction so don't try anything funny), two boats with some static clutter, and a campsite for each boat's crew. 

Most of the changes are two the little island at the northern end of Dawnstar, however, I did also add a bridge to get there. It SHOULD be fully navmeshed, however, I'm still working on those skills so if you notice your followers acting funny on the island that's why. 

There are two versions of this mod:
  1. Vanilla: the sailor merchants have items from across the base game and DLCs PLUS the rare curios mini-DLC. Rare curios isn't required; the mod will work fine without it, but support is baked in.
  2. Modded: this version includes support for beyond Skyrim Bruma, as well as everything from the vanilla version. I almost added a wares of tamriel compatibility, but I figured that that store/boat is really close already so it's not necessary. Bruma is a hard requirement for this version.
Compatability: the sole purpose of this mod was compatibility with other Dawnstar mods. That said, I'm just one person so I can't account for every mod on the nexus. The only compatibility issue is with wares of Tamriel. And that's not a compatibility issue so much as it is a "these docks look funny" issue. They don't clip or anything, but they do look a little funny next to each other. I personally like it, as it gives the feeling like those docks are temporary and get picked up when the ships leave.