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2 different things: an xEdit script to automate the process of picking plugins to load in zEdit when patching for Legacy (the new race overhaul). If you have more than 254 plugins, you can use this to generate a plugin which adds all the necessary plugins as masters. And a separate patch to eliminate any inconsistencies between Legacy & Imperio

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To install Legacy, the new race overhaul by tjhm4, you'll need to run a zEdit patcher to distribute the racials to every NPC in your load order. Unfortunately, as of this writing, zEdit does not support loading more than 254 plugins at a time. So if you have more than 254 plugins (including vanilla masters) you may waste a lot of time trying to figure out which plugins you need to load, and which you can get away with leaving unchecked. The zEdit patcher is only concerned with NPC records so if you're not that far above the limit, you could just remove all the plugins you know for sure don't have anything to do with NPCs. But if, like me, you have 500+ plugins that's just a waste of time.

So this xEdit script, like others available on the Nexus for other zEdit patchers, will scan your whole load order, make a list of all the plugins that add or override NPC records, then make a new plugin and add every plugin in the list as masters to the new dummy plugin. It's just a temporary plugin as it contains no records itself. So you download the xEdit script, unpack it, and drag the Edit Scripts folder into your xEdit folder. (or drag its contents into xEdit's Edit Scripts folder) Then load up xEdit (make sure Legacy is already installed, you need to load it), right click on any plugin in the navigation menu, click Apply Script... and find the new script in the dropdown list, and run it. Save the plugin with whatever name you want, then...
  1. load up zEdit
  2. right click > select all
  3. right click > uncheck selected
  4. scroll to the bottom and find your new dummy plugin
  5. check it, then uncheck it
  6. it will have automatically checked every plugin you need
  7. now load and run the zEdit patcher
  8. save and quit
  9. delete the dummy plugin you generated with the xEdit script
  10. make sure legacy_patch.esp is loading after any other dynamic patches you loaded when you ran the patcher

I also made a little consistency patch for Legacy and Imperious, the race overhaul by EnaiSiaion. Well it's not actually little, since adding race records to any plugin makes the file ginormous, but yeah. This is in English, by the way.

It's a simple ESL flagged plugin that amends the race and ability descriptions and loading screens to preserve all the details about Imperious' abilities as well as Legacy's, and just do some literary revision overall. You can install Legacy on top of Imperious without this, as long as you load Imperious after Legacy. If you do so, however, each NPC will receive both mods' abilities, but most of the in-game descriptions/info dumps will only mention the abilities from Imperious. I've basically merged them, though not at all haphazardly. My main reason for playing Skyrim is immersion, and for me, even the text descriptions can make or break immersion. I added the gameplay-relevant stuff from both mods, the interesting lore bits from Imperious, and rephrased everything to flow smoothly and to be as concise as possible without culling any important information.

I revised several non-conflicting descriptions from Imperious, Legacy, and vanilla to remove any typos or awkward phrasing, capitalize proper nouns, make the meaning clearer, or make the description more immersive. e.g. I would rather say "Nords are much less susceptible to frost magic" than "Nords are 50% resistant to frost," since the acknowledgement of stats and numbers kinda shatters the illusion of reality for me. That said, I've left numeric descriptions where they seem necessary to understanding the relative effect of an ability, or are the only/final source of that information. Like for the magic effect itself, if you're going to the Active Effects page it means you probably want that specific, unimmersive information insofar as it's relevant to gameplay, so I've left those statistics intact. But everywhere else, I've rewritten it so we're not "out of stamina" but "fatigued" instead, etc.

I also converted some of the load screen records from overrides into new records, since if you combine these 2 mods there will be too many racial abilities to cover in just 2 per race. Skyrim has 1 load screen per race, Legacy adds another, and Imperious adds one more, but they both override the vanilla screens. I've kept Imperious' overrides and turned Legacy's overrides into new records, meaning there are 4 load screens per race now. Which is a lot, but if you're even installing this it probably means you have a lot of mods, in which case you most likely have a ton of mod-added load screens that aren't about races, which should more than balance this out. I personally use Lore-Based Loading Screens, which adds a shit ton, but lots of quest mods add load screens so they add up quickly.

Load order is important here. You need to load Legacy before Imperious. And you need to load any race-related dynamic patches after this patch, e.g. NPC Stat Rescaler, Speed and Reach Fixes, etc. (obviously you need to re-run them after installing this as well) So an example load order would look like this:
Imperious - Races of Skyrim.esp
Legacy - Imperious Consistency Patch.esp
Speed and Reach Fixes.esp

I use some UI mods and play at 4K so I'm not sure whether any of these new descriptions are too long to be legible at lower resolutions. Let me know if you're having a hard time reading one of them and I'll look into shortening it.

Specifically, here are all of the modified descriptions:

I'll consider doing patches for other race overhauls if someone wants it. Or other mods that add duplicate playable races for whatever reason.