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A performance friendly ReShade to give skyrim a true cold, depressive and dark fantasy look ...

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To make this ReShade work in the way that it should , I highly recommend that you download all the mods in the requirements section .

This ReShade is not tested with different weather or lightening mods . I only support the issues which may occur when you use it with the mentioned requirements .

What is Winterhaze ReShade ?
Winterhaze or Coldrim is a ReShade which works perfectly with a selection of mods to bring a cold and dreamy darkness to your skyrim . I tried to make it as performance friendly as it was possible . still this is not made for low end PCs . I am using a Gtx 960 and I lose 5 - 8 fps when I use this preset ... so you have the idea that how much resources you need to run this . 

Requirements : 
  1. Obsidian Weathers Fog and Snow Edition . Highly Recommended 
  2. Enhanced Lights and FX . Highly Recommended . Rememeber NOT to install the weather plugin which comes with ELFX if it's installed remove ELFX and reinstall without checking the weather plugin
  3. Always Snowing SSE with Clouds . Must have . Place it last in your LO . I still highly recommend this mod because of what it does, permanenet clouds and hidden sun are kinda necessary for this reshade because everything looks cold and shadowy so it's not going to work with a nice sun in a clear sky ! but I found some serious bugs within this mod which causes some visual issues and dirty distant fogs I'm going to fix this mod and release a patch for it until then I recommend not to use it to keep skyrim beautiful !
  4. Skyrim is windy . Highly Recommended .
  5. Skyrim Flora overhaul . Optional .

Installation :
  1. Install the mentioned mods in Requirements section .
  2. Download ReShade .
  3. Install ReShade . (Choose Skyrim SE and check all the plugins )
  4. Download Winterhaze reshade from the download section in this page .
  5. Extract the Winterhaze(Coldrim).ini file from and place it in your Skyrim SE folder (The folder with SkyrimSE.exe in it)
  6. Open your game .
  7. press Home button to run ReShade menu . (Skip ReShade tutorial)
  8. Click on the dropdown menu and choose Winterhaze(Coldrim).ini . and it's done !

* Important note :
Don't install any fog or mist mods let the weather mod handle it . installing fog or mist mods can cause conflicts and reduce the performance in some cases

Have Fun !