Skyrim Special Edition
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Tons of new weapons and shields (some animated) - with selective Leveled List installer!
Now ported to Skyrim Special Edition!

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  • Description

A weapon mod of 18 brand new weapons (some animated) - (Mask Sword, Mehrunes Short Sword, Hunter War Axe, Hunter Mace, Daedric Greateaxe, Nordic Greataxe, Mallet, Hunter Hammer, Steel Gear Hammer, Auriel Hammer, Steel Drill, Steel Axe, Daedric Drill, Swemer Lava Dredger, Dwemer Celestial Globe, Gear Mace, Nordic Dagger & Drill Dagger), 3 animated shields - (Mask Shield, Gear Shield & Nordic Shield) and an Elder Council Amulet.
This mod uses vanilla game textures, so using vanilla game texture replacer mods will greatly enhance the looks of your weapons and shields from this mod.
Originally ported with full permission from Skyrim Legendary Edition mod by zoni84.

The mod has optional light esp that will add the weapons & shields into your leveled lists.

  • Requirements

None! But I recommend installing a texture mod that enhances steeldaedric and dwarven base game textures.
Getting the textures from these mods will also work: &

  • Credits

Original work/mod "Stoneheart Weapons Pack" by zoni84