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Replaces the Main Menu music with Darius, The Hand of Noxus's Login Screen from when he was original unleashed to League of Legends

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This mod is also compatible with Legendary Edition and VR so feel free to install it for either one of them if you so desire.
Note for Legendary: Legendary seem's to have a strange quirk with the main menu theme and will be quieter than the Special Edition one. This could be because of of the compression.

I recently downloaded the Legacy of the Dragonborn replacer and thought to myself. "I think this would be better with the Darius theme." So I converted Darius's original Login music and love how it turned out. It fits my Skyrim Special Edition greatly since it's a Dark, Gritty, and Violent build. 

Installation is really simple, Drag content's into the Data folder and be done with it. Make sure you back up any theme you may currently be using as it will be overwritten. 
The path is Data>Music>Special>mus_maintheme.xwm