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A few simple upgrades to Spells and Perks that make mages more competitive vs. combat characters. Do more damage with destruction perks. Protect yourself with new BattleMage Ward Spells. Carry more with a bag of holding. Take control of the fight by bending time. Your new Archmage assistant will explain everything.

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Playing as a Mage can be frustrating

I love playing Skyrim as a Mage character. This is a fantasy world with some amazing magical powers.

But being a Mage can also be incredibly frustrating.

There I am. I’m the Archmage, I’ve got my fancy robes, I’ve got mage perks. I know a stack of combat spells. I’m ready for anything. Right?

So I leave the college and I'm hiking towards some snowy ruins when suddenly I hear the fearsome howl of an Ice Troll. The Troll is hungry and aggressively trying to close the distance with me, but I'm circling him casting spells. I’m using flames, I’m throwing lightning bolts, I’m dropping fireballs. Giving him everything I've got.

And….I’m getting nowhere.

The troll barely even notices I’m there.

After a minute of throwing every spell in my book, I give up. Time to pull out my one handed sword. Whack, whack, whack…the Troll is dead.

It’s discouraging.

Here's another scenario:

I’m on the road, heading back to Whiterun, when I get jumped by some thieves. I knew this was bandit territory, so thank the gods, I had just cast my mage armor. I throw a couple spells, and watch as they hesitate, trying to decide if I'm worth the risk...Then it happens: POOF, my mage armor runs out and my magicka hasn't recovered yet.  They take the opening and Bam Bam, I’m lights-out like Sofia after a night at the Drunken Huntsman.


I’m a mage who can pull fire down from the sky, I can summon Daedra, I can drink souls and piss lightning. But a few sword wielding bandits? Fuhgeddaboudit!

That’s why I created this mod (my first) to make a Mage strong enough to compete with the sword and bow classes and be a little more
fun to play.

May Conflict With Other Perk MODs

Just a warning up front, this modifies the standard Destruction and Restoration Perk tree. This is how you upgrade your spell power. Other mods that change those perk trees probably conflict.  My mod is for people who like to play standard perks, but think mages are under-powered and want magic to be more balanced with the sword and bow characters.

What’s Included

This is a SIMPLE mod. It contains only a few Perk modifications, six new spells, and a handful of tweaks to vanilla spells
and magic items.

If you’re looking for a mod with dozens of new spells, there are plenty of those around and this should work fine with any of them that
don’t mess with the Destruction and Restoration Perk Trees.

After installing this mod you will be able to:
  • Do more damage with Destruction spells by investing more points in Perks to upgrade your spell power.
  • Protect yourself with new wards that are lower cost and heal when in use.
  • Use Mage Armor with lower spell cost and longer duration.
  • Heal yourself faster with better Restoration spell Perk upgrades. Includes a fun new spell called Sphere of Protection.
  • Carry more gear (and spell books!) in your pack with a “Bag of Holding” spell.
  • Get out of a tight spot with the handy new “Bend Time”spell.
  • Use the new Elemental Beam spell that grows in power over time.  Needing 10 perk upgrades to become maxed out.
  • Get more use out of the College of Winterhold quest items, like the Staff of Magnus, which now increases in power as you invest in Shock
  • Perks.
  • And finally, as Archmage, you get an Assistant that lives just outside your quarters in the college. She’s a merchant, a follower,
  • and can sell you the new spells. I call them “Spell Research” for an added bit of roleplay.  In the future I may give her a quest or something else to boost her usefulness as an assistant. You can find her in the Archmage quarters or wandering the college.

This is the first version of my first mod. I’m sure it needs more work, but give it a try and let me know what you think.


Fuz Ro D’oh (so you don't miss the silent dialog by the new assistant) 
You'll also need all the standard issue DLCs and major fixes of course

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