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Adds the Legendary Heart of Lorkhan to the game. Fixed issue with the script not loading correctly.

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Places Lorkhan's heart in the Thieves Guild Cistern behind a locked door. The key is STASHed in the Guild able to be picked up anytime after joining the Guild. Toggle-able to activate/deactivate a lot of abilities/buffs listed below.

Fortify Health +500
Fortify Stamina +500
Fortify Magicka +500
Health Regen X100
Stamina Regen X100
Magicka Regen X100
Resist Poison 100%
Resist Fire 100%
Resist Shock 100%
Resist Frost 100%
Resist Disease 100%
Resist Magic 100%
Muffle 100%
Water Breathing 100%
0 Shout CoolDown
Godly Power(1 Buff that adds all of the following)
Equipped Armor Weight  0
Critical Chance 100% 
0 Fall Damage
Spell Damage X10
Spell Duration X10
Incoming Spell Damage 50%
Incoming Spell Duration 50%
Increased Sell Price
Decreased Buy Price
Skill Experience X100
Attack Damage X10
Weapon Damage X10
Incoming Damage 50%
0 Spell Cost
Armor Rating +500
Carry Weight +500