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A vanilla plus high poly male facegen overhaul

Permissions and credits

Formerly Spiced Vanilla NPCs, this mod's purpose can be summarized as such: What male NPCs could have looked like if the designers wasted a lot more time designing them instead of trying to meet a deadline?

  • I start with the NPC's vanilla face as base with the goal that they should be strongly reminiscent of their vanilla selves and be DISTINCT from other males. To this end I try to use the widest set of facegen parts as possible and not change face parts unless unecessary.

  • For spouses, I will beautify as necessary because I think you should have an aesthetic reason to choose them.

  • I will only use vanilla parts, or custom parts nearly indistinguishable from vanilla.

  • If it's a redesign, should fit who they are as a character. Soldiers may get war paints or scars, normal people will almost certainly have their dirt removed, etc. Canonically young characters should look young, old characters, if they don't look old, will be made to look older.

Sorex should look significantly younger than his father.

  • There is the occasional fun/gratuitous redesign e.g. the Courier based on his voice actor, Jason Marsden

All screenshots taken with Skysight Skins and Re-Engaged ENB (highly recommended!)

Dependencies: None as of v2.0

Notice: As of v2.0 High Poly Head is no longer a requirement. Instead, ONLY the necessary assets from that mod has been packed into a unified mod, and the low poly version no longer exists. Old files will be left up, but I've realized that I wouldn't like to maintain two versions of the mod when I only use the high poly version. Therefore all subsequent releases will be high poly only.

NPCs Affected:

Listed in the spoiler. More NPCs will be added in later versions. 



- Simply install with your mod manager of choice.


Like any NPC appearance mod, this mod will conflict with any mod that alters NPC records, for example, Special Edition Followers, as they tend to carry over vanilla facegen values for any part of the NPC's record they do not alter ====> black face bug! They will need patching.

If you have other mods that alters the same NPC's appearance and want to use this one's (or vice versa), make sure:
  1. This mod's facegen files overwrite the other mod's.
  2. This mod's plugin is loaded later.

Should be compatible with any custom skin/eye/hair texture mod. Should be compatible with everything else, and any appearance mods that don't touch these NPCs.

A note about support and patches: This mod touches NPC records and thus have the capacity to conflict with an untold amount of mods. Just like any other mod that makes such edits. I don't promise support, or patching, for any mod other than USSEP. Patching NPC records in xEdit is relative easy, tutorials are plentiful, and the overhead for me for maintaining a lot of patches is high so I won't do it. Personally, I patch this mod along with all other mods in my load order in a manual conflict resolution patch at the end, and sharing that patch wouldn't make sense as it only works for MY load order.

Recommended Mods:
(Screenshots are taken with the following mods active)


I would like to credit the following authors for making this mod possible: 

  • Expired for Racemenu, which I used to make all of these NPCs and to fix their facial features out of the uncanny valley. Vanilla face parts are just... WEIRD
  • WICO for being an awesome mod along a similar concept, for inspiration to make this mod.
  • KouLeifoh for High Poly Head
  • Billyro for Spellsword Cuirass, which I included with permission for Belrand’s new outfit 
  • Kyoe for Kyoe's Bang'n Brows
  • Northborn Scars by Northborn