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Xena the Warrior Princess and Gabrielle and her horse Argo have visited the land of Tamriel. Xena is interested in changing and will help you in your travels. Gabrielle will follow Xena throughout the land but at her own pace. Gabrielle trained as a bard and will sing songs for you. Callisto also followed driven by revenge and hate.

Permissions and credits
Xena the Warrior Princess is a visitor to the land of Tamriel. She has been looking to change her life after being a self-described monster for many years. She did many things that she was not proud of and things that she wishes she could un-do. Xena has made many mistakes and hurt others but knows that she can change.  She has found that helping other people helps her. She is a Warrior always in her heart, she enjoys the battle  and wants to travel with you.  

Gabrielle cares nothing for battle. She loves Xena for saving her and for who she is now and has been travelling throughout Tamriel with Xena.  While she was travelling through the land she attended the Bards College in Solitude. Gabrielle follows Xena throughout the land at her own slow pace, taking in the sights and looking around and watching the birds and smelling the flowers.  Gabrielle is a friend to all and will sing for you while the group is camping or burst out into a spontaneous song on the road if you make a request but she did not finish all her bard schooling so be warned...

Callisto of Cirri followed Xena and Gabriel to Skryim. She is still angry at Xena for who she used to be and wants her to suffer.  Callisto can be found in Riverwood looking for Xena.

You can find Xena and Gabrielle at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

You can find Callisto at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.

NEW for VERSION 5: You can also play as Xena or Gabrielle or Callisto as a Nord pre-set.

You can find Xena's chakram in a barrel outside the Bannered Mare hidden there from days that cannot be remembered.


What are the mod dependencies or conflicts?
There are no mod dependencies or conflicts that I know of

What voices do the characters have?
Xena uses Female Even Toned Voice
Gabrielle uses Young Eager Female Voice
Callisto uses Female Sultry Voice
Argo uses her horse animal telepathy and soul searching eyes to communicate

Will they follow?
Xena is a potential follower and marriage partner
Callisto is a potential follower and marriage partner
Gabrielle will only follow Xena but she is a potential marriage partner

Do they level with you?
Xena will level with you. 1:1
Callisto will level with you 1:1
Gabrielle if you get her to follow with another mod will also level with you. 1:1

Are they essential or protected?
Xena and Callisto are not essential or protected and are subject to the risks and the dangers of Skyrim and a very possible untimely sad-sad death. Gabrielle is protected because she is often travelling the dangerous roads of Tamriel alone. Gabrielle is not essential.
Weapon Information?
Xena's chakram is a dagger type weapon

What about dialogue?
There is limited written dialogue. There is a dialogue bug where sometimes you have to meet the character, save the game then reload in order for dialogue to show up. 

Warning: Callisto may or may not attack Xena on sight since they are in enemy factions and Callisto is a psychopath.

Authors Note: This is my very first mod after hours and hours of research on how to do this and learning 5 different computer apps and many late nights...Be kind.

Final Author's Note: I decided to put my character hidden somewhere in the game. If you are interested find me.  There is a hint in the images and thousands of locations to search.

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