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8 standalone female followers.
There's also an optional standalone male follower available.

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Please read the description and do report any issues to me via the comment section.

UPDATE:  .esp contains some necessary optimization for each female follower, such as class and combat abilities, so that each follower has a unique set. This was done by @ff7legend and I thank him for it since I didn't have the time to optimize each follower properly. I highly recommend it since I believe that with my settings, you won't have a fulfilling combat experience.
* Information:
This mod adds 8 standalone female followers to the Old Hroldan Inn, located east of Markath.
As a request for a friend of mine, I have also provided you with a standalone male follower named Xavier who is available for download under the "Optional" tab. You can also find him in the Old Hroldan Inn.
Please view the screenshots and do share yours. :)
* I realized I haven't uploaded a pic of Lysa. My apologies.

* List of Followers:
Alys - Dark Elf
Cierra - Nord
Christine - Imperial
Eowyn - High Elf
Elena - Nord
Lysa - Wood Elf
Marlene - Redguard
Vicky - Breton
*Xavier - Nord (Optional)

* Important:
Please use Extensible Follower Framework or any other mod that allows you to edit the followers' inventory.

* Due to some issues while testing this mod in the vanilla game, I had to change Eowyn and Cierra's voices in order to recruit them.
Their voices prior to this change were:
Eowyn - ElfHaughty
Cierra - FemaleCommoner

RDO fixes this, so if you have the mod installed and are bothered by the voices, you can change them in the CK.

* Known Issues:
Cierra has a small gap near her lower lip. Luckily, it is not that noticeable.
I believe that was my problem for not editing her head before porting her to CK.

* Credits / Mods Used:
All mods that I used belong to their respective owners.
None of the textures/meshes are mine!
I simply ported my Race Menu presets to these girls and that man in the "Optional" Tab. :)