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Zadkiel the mystery man, an elf vampire.

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Today I bring you another elf for you. And like I mentioned earlier, there are way to little elf men on nexus. So there for I decided to change that and create some for you guys.

This is Zadkiel, also known as the mystery man. You will never know what he is thinking or plotting. But what ever you do, do not underestimate this mystery elf, because when he snaps, he gets extremely furious and brutal. Evil will tremble with the share sight of his fury...

  • Weight: 50 kilos
  • Eyes: Violet/purple
  • Hair: Black
  • Race: Kruishnik
  • Armor: Orcish
  • Weapons: Orcish sword and bow, including arrows.
  • Spells: Healing, Fire and Bolt  spells
  • Location: Dragon Bridge, Four Shields Tavern
  • Essential: YES
  • Marriageable: Naturally


You need Ethereal Elven Overhaul SE and Humanoid Vampires SE for the heads to work properly in the game.

Credits and content

Apachii Sky Hair
Beauty Stunning Eyes Remastered
Hvergelmir's Brows