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A Smithing perks tree that reworks the Smithing perk tree to be more streamlined and have more incentive.

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I was unhappy with the Smithing perk tree and didn't want to change how the game played, so I made my own mod. This mod restricts all crafting recipes you'd normally know by default with the first perk in the tree. No longer do you inherently know how to smith! It also drastically changes how tempering is handled. Previously, you could temper any weapon or armor piece that you wanted, as long as you had the necessary Smithing level. Now, every single tempering recipe is locked behind their corresponding perks in the tree. To compensate for this, all perks now grant a 2.5x buff to tempering for that category, instead of the base 2x. To follow in line with the rest of the mod, any tempering recipes that I couldn't classify into an existing category now falls into a new category covered by the "Exotic Blacksmith" perk. Generally speaking, this includes weapons and armor not normally found within Skyrim or simply look too different from other sets. It also includes all Gold and Silver recipes. I'm not the most familiar with Elder Scrolls lore, so if I misclassified any items, let me know and I can fix that.

There are two versions of this mod, the "Normal" version which is the first iteration of this mod and the "Alt" version which is a new experimental version.

The normal version of this mod splits up the tree into 3 distinct branches: Heavy Armor, Light Armor, and Weapons. A big thing to note is that the material progression in the Weapons branch does not follow the progression in the Armor branches. This is intentional, and the weapons are ordered from weakest to strongest. There are also many armor types missing from the perk tree. Any missing normally craftable armor type has been merged with another perk in the tree. The description of each perk specifies exactly what armor types it unlocks.


The alt version of this mod keeps the weapons and armors combined within their original perks. I created this version because I received some complaints about the normal version having too many perks to be worthwhile. This version slims down the perk tree while still maintaining the restrictions and benefits of tempering for specific materials.


The normal version of this mod comes with patches for Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered, Cutting Room Floor, and Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. The alt version does not yet have compatibility for CCOR. It took longer to make the patch for CCOR than it did to make the entire rest of the mod, so there ended up being some inconsistencies in the different patches. If you come across anything, just let me know and I can fix it. Any other mods that add new craftable items will not be compatible with this mod, however they will not do anything harmful. Some items simply may not show up in the crafting menu, as you can't get the perk it requires to craft it. Any mods that change the smithing tree are completely incompatible with this mod.

This is the first mod I have ever made, which means there are probably tons of bugs. If you find any bugs or changes you think should be made with this mod, please let me know. This mod is not in it's final build, and I am open for new ideas to make it better.