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Remake of the SKSE plugin that improves the BestInClass functionality offered by default in the game, by considering more categories and types for armor, weapons, and ammunition.

Permissions and credits

Brief :

Oldrim Best In Class PP mod by Netrve, thanks to his permission and support, this is a remake with updated hooks and same algorithm, compiled against the latest address library so it's version independent. (later than 1.5.39)

This Plugin Utilizes Trampoline Hook

Original Mod Description :
What does BestInClass++ do?
The main feature is improving the BestInClass functionality offered by default in the game, which highlights the best items based on armor rating or damage value. By default the game highlights the best items using a small diamond next to the name, where enchantments and stolen properties are also displayed.

This plugin enhances this functionality by considering more categories and types for armor, clothing, weapons, and ammunition. It replaces the vanilla method entirely and provides a better alternative to what was already in the game. Skyrim considers around 10 types or classes, this plugin brings this number up to 24. This makes it so no longer are heavy and light armor thrown into the same pot when comparing which is the best. The same is done for different weapon types like daggers, swords, axes, and so forth.

This plugin works in InventoryMenu, BarterMenu, and ContainerMenu.

All of this is done by modifying game code with SKSE. No spells, powers, hotkeys or menus. Also no scripts, no esp file and (un)installable at any time.

Comparison Details : ( Slightly different from Netrve's oldrim version )
Armor : Divided into LightArmor ( compared by rating ), HeavyArmor ( compared by rating ), and Clothing ( compared by amount of enchantments ).
Each class will yield the corresponding best item of each slot ( helmet, body, hands, feet, and shield ( Clolthing class has no shield slot ))

Weapon : Divided into 10 classes, they are :
  • HandToHandMelee ( Idk how would this be an equipment class but it's supported )
  • OneHandSword
  • OneHandDagger
  • OneHandAxe
  • OneHandMace
  • TwoHandSword
  • TwoHandAxe ( Warhammers included )
  • Bow
  • Staff
  • Crossbow
All classes are compared by damage except staff is compared by gold value ( price ).

Ammo : Divided into arrows and bolt. Compared by damage.

Changelog :
#1.1 Fixed an algorithm error, now BIC++ will be able to identify items with multiple slots.

Installation :
Install with Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex, or manual download then install with above-said tools.
Manual installation: No, it's 2020.

Permission :

The source code inherits and sustains the MIT License, but the binary upload is not.
Contact Netrve or me before redistributing on other sites.

Credits :
Netrve - Orginal Best In Class PP mod
Ryan (Fudgyduff) -  CommonLibSSE

Resources :
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