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    Not working?

    Try excluding DINPUT8.dll from your antivirus.
  2. pyschonutz66
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    How do i install this using Wryebash ?
  3. Commissar0617
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    "This cannot be installed with NMM, it will cause issues. You must install manually to avoid all issues."

    ok, so how do we get it to work with the virtual folder in MO2?
    1. TaliaStormdancer
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      I'd like to know this too
    2. TheGoblinKing48
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      You don't, you have to actually put it in the Skyrim Data directory, it even says so in the description. That aside, for anyone wondering; if you have SKSE and SSE Engine Fixes then you do not need this mod, it was created by the mod author to load dll files before SKSE was ported.
  4. marcomartins20
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    How do I install this one with Mod Organizer 2? Since it runs the mods from a virtual folder?
  5. zelazko
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    Using Experience v0.8.2 and Skyrim Uncapper through xSHADOWMANx's Dll Loader causes game to freeze.
  6. syclonix
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    This is one of those mods that really push Skyrim forward and allow for things we never thought possible in the base game. Such a great mod, thank you xSHADOWMANx! Props!

    EDIT: Also works in SkyrimVR!
  7. xtspoonx
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    Achievements are hit and miss for me. I just recently began a new playthrough with this installed and the Bleak Falls Barrow achievement did not work. However, I have an apprentice and an adept achievement that I received so maybe quest achievements are the problem and character achievements are ok? Who knows at this point but is this mod guaranteed to work if I use SKSE? I am at the point where I would rather receive no achievements than random ones if this keeps up.
  8. thundergodx
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    this dosent seem to work with the vr verison. the folder is different
  9. stabolito
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    How come DllLoader doesn't show up as an INI file in my Sumwunn folder like it does in the image? mine shows up as "configuration settings"
    1. Valyra92
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      Got the same issue here...just opens an Editor Window, nothing like an ini file .
    2. Thanatos370
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      an .INI file IS a configuration file, often called configuration settings in Windows File Explorer. You edit it in a text editor like Notepad or (almost everybody's personal favorite) Notepad++.

      To double check what you're looking at, click on the View tab in your file explorer window, then make sure the File Name Extensions box is checked. This will show the file extension, allowing you to double check which file you're looking at. Never assume that the file type Windows is telling you something is, is actually correct. Always go off the file extension, plus checking with whatever program is meant to run the file to ensure it hasn't been messed up (you can arbitrarily change the file extension, but it just makes the file unusable because the extension tells Windows what program to use, not determines the data in the file).

      Hopefully that helps, though I assume you've long since figured out what the problem was.
  10. Ashono88
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    does this work with vortex?
  11. pursu
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    This just crashes my game when i go to load a save. I have everything in the correct locations