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Nordieu is a small A-frame home in the Falkreath hold.

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Nordieu is a small A-frame home located west of Falkreath, just at the cutoff to Cracked Tusk Keep. The home is free once you find the key. It is
Frostfall compliant inside and out, has a sleeping fur for a follower downstairs, and a well rested bed where your spouse can sleep in the loft.

There is ample safe storage inside and out, most of the crafting stations (all except a staff enchanter and
spider imbuing chamber), a working shower, and a few Hearthfire planting soils along with the small harvestable garden. Your chickens
and bunnies are immortal so you don't have to worry about them while you are off adventuring. Its tiny but its a lot of home.

Hope you like it!


  • Click on the bundle by the front door to place a bedroll for a companion to sleep on. Click again to pack it away.
  • Due to the overlap of crafting activators, the alchemy and enchanting stations can be enabled separately. Just click on the table to swap them. This should make the targeting of these activators a bit easier.

Thank you

Febrith and ArcticScrolls for making sharing their videos.  Click on the videos tab to see them. Please visit them on Youtube and leave a big "thumbs up" for the effort and imagination that goes into making each one.