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This changes the final version of the Nightingale armor stats and enchantments to what i believe proper Daedric endgame armor and weapons should be.

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This is my first mod.
I felt the vanilla gear was to under-powered, so I tweaked only the maxed version of this gear. All leveled versions have the same enchantments but the vary in power based on your level. The lower leveled item stats I left as is and only changed the weights of the weapons. You have to be lvl 32 before you receive the armor and lvl 46 before you receive the weapons. Otherwise you will receive lower leveled weapons and armor.

I've added a misc. file for ease. Please read the file description before downloading.

Warning; The high level gear is extremely op in the early game and is meant for endgame where it will balance out.

I changed the armor at lvl 32 and weapons at lvl 46 to the following;

Nightingale Armor    
 Armor Rating-   From- 34        To- 50         
Enchantment-  From- Increase Stamina by 40 points and increase frost resistance by 50% 
                    To- Increase Stamina by 200 points and increase frost resistance by 75%
Nightingale Boots       
 Armor Rating-   From- 10     To- 20     
  Enchantment-   Added- Sneak is increased by 75%                                   
Kept muffled, but changed value from 35 to 100

Nightingale Gloves
Armor Rating-   From- 10     To- 20
                     Enchantment-   From- Lock-picking is 25% easier and one-handed attacks do 25% more damage                                 
                  To-  Lock-picking is 75% easier and one-handed attacks do 75% more damage    
 Added- Pick-pocket is 75% better

Nightingale Hood
Armor Rating-   From- 15       To- 25
Enchantment-   Removed- Illusion spells cost 17% less                     
 Added- Speech (Persuade) is increased by 75%, Bows do 75% more damage, Can swim underwater with out drowning

Nightingale Blade
          Damage-   From- 14       To- 20     Crit-   From- 7      To- 10
Enchantment-   From- Absorb 25 points of health and stamina                                    
To- Absorb 50 points of health and stamina             
Weight-   From- 15         To- 5

Nightingale Bow 
    Damage-   From- 19       To- 25      Crit-   From- 9      To- 15
Enchantment-   From- Freezes target for 30 points and shocks the target for 15 points                      
                To- Freezes target for 50 points and shocks the target for 50 points      
        Weight-   From- 18    To- 7