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Adds 10 new craftable/temperable weapons to the game.

Permissions and credits
 Adds 10 new craftable/temperable weapons to the game.
They each have different stats/crafting and temper recipes based on what i thought would be appropriate for them.

=>Available in their original resolution or in optional downscaled 2K res.

-ESPFE plugin so it won't count towards the 255 plugin limit.
-Textures saved in BC7 for performance and to reduce file size.

-Primal Bow: 22               (slightly superior to the dragonbone bow).
-Apollo's Shield: 28         (less than dragonscale).
-Warhammer: 28             (between nordic and glass).
-Tachi: 23                         (equal to stalhrim).
-Saw Bidenhänder: 28    (slightly superior to dragonbone).
-Jade Greatsword: 30     (superior to dragonbone).
-Demon Sword: 34          (superior to dragonbone).
-Excalibur: 45                  (superior to dragonbone).
=>New plugin with overall better crafting recipes and extra changes:
-Changed recipes to fit new prices and makes the player feel rewarded after getting all those ingredients.

-Added perk conditions to the recipes, mostly steel smithing but also the daedric perk for the two end game weapons and some receive the ebony perk.

-Changed attributes to balance and fit more with the new prices and crafting costs,Excalibur for example has a big recipe which takes some time to farm together also some of the ingredients are quite expensive, the sword itself has a value of 10.000
the ingredients have a value about 5 - 7k but farming them takes effort which were taken into account.

-Added Effects to the end game weapons (Demonsword / Excalibur).
-Added dawnbreaker enchantment to Excalibur and added nightingale enchantment to demonsword.

-If you comment without even trying the mod just to complain,i will most likely delete your comment and may even permanently block you from downloading my mods forever, i despise the toxic and pointless group there is in the nexus community.

-If you aren't happy with something regarding this mod feel free to make changes and upload as your own if you feel like it,as long as you follow the license terms,i leave open perms specifically for this reason.
-I will not spend more time making 1H or 2H variants of each weapons or placing them in the world somewhere, the mods i make are mainly for myself so if i'm satisfied with them i would rather move on to something else.
-If you disagree with the crafting/temper costs or stats feel free to change them yourself.
-If a weapon doesn't have a sheath there is no need to complain, it was the choice of the 3d Artist who made the weapon(s) so feel free to add one yourself or ignore and don't download the mod.

=> Xbox one version:

=> Credit to:
For taking the time to make a new plugin with better crafting recipes and make the weapons feel more unique and rewarding, thank you !

Ole Gunnar Isager
for the original model and textures, i adapted them to skyrim and altered the textures a bit.

=>License: CC Attribution
You are free to:
-Share: Copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.
-Adapt: Remix,transform,and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.