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Race change mod on the people of Falkreath.

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Khajiit are not common in Skyrim. While most are considered to be respectable traders and merchants. There are those who have caused trouble in nearly every hold in Skyrim. This has led to stereotyping and mistrust of the lone Khajiit who travel Tamriel. 

Some years ago a Khajiit merchant came to Falkreath in hopes of turning a cozy profit. At the same time a burglary took place in the Jarl's Long house. Though there were no witnesses the townsfolk turned on the one outsider in Falkreath. The Khajiit was captured, put through a mock trial, and was executed by the townspeople.

Our Khajiit friend was innocent, the real thief was a high elf who had been casing the long house and used this traveler as a scapegoat. The Devine Azurah saw this senseless persecution as barbaric and obscene. She cursed the people of Falkreath transforming them overnight into Khajiits to punish them for their crimes.