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Breezehome Overhaul V2.0
1.Added 8 mannequins and a few weapon plagues and racks.
2.All the furnitures are changed.
3.Also added a arcane enchanter.
4.The house is given a new look.

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Breezehome Overhaul V2.0Features:
1. 8 new mannequins.
2. 6 new weapon plagues.
3. 2 new weapon racks.
4. All the furnitures are changed to noble.
5. Lydia is invulnerable and she wears Daedric Armour Set.
6. Lydia has a special Daedric Greatsword with Paralyze enchantment. [You can remove the weapon if you need after making her your follower].
7. Added a Arcane Enchanter in the master bedroom.
8. Spider webs and unwanted boxes that ruin the house has been removed.
9. A Daedric Shield and a set of Daedric Greatsword is available at the weapon plague in the master bedroom.

1. After buying the house from the steward Lydia herself will talk to you, make her your follower.
2. Then select the option which allows to trade things with her.
3. Remove all the Steel Armour Set from her inventory.
4. She should now be wearing Daedric Armour Set.
5. If the mannequins, weapon racks or weapon plagues do not work, [probably due to your limitations of your PC] exit the house enter again then all should work normally.

I have checked several times for any bugs again and again in the game and if you find any bugs don't hesitate to comment.

1. This mod is for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition.
2. It do not work with the Vanilla Skyrim or Legendary Edition.

V3.0 Update:
1. Probably it will be released in 2 to 3 weeks.
2. I planned to change the floor especially the upper one because the wooden floor is not that much attractive.
3. May be released for the Vanilla Skyrim as well.

Other Updates:
1. I am working on New Weapons Addon V2.0 for Fallout 3.
2. That will also be released in a week.
3. If you need the New Weapons Addon V1.0 check out in Nexus Mods.

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