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Retextures and remodels a lot of imperial gear, adds new items, and overhauls civil war faction leveled lists to give greater variety in the types of enemies. Requires guards armor replacer, USSEP, Immersive Armors and Diverse Skyrim

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This mod requires requires guards armor replacer, USSEP, Immersive Armors and Diverse Skyrim. It overhauls civil war faction leveled lists to give greater variety in the types of enemies and their gear. It adds new NPCs that replace bosses in fort and siege battles and have a 12.5% chance to spawn in place of a normal soldier. Full list:

All new NPCs have several variants. They have lots of perks (but no NPC cheat perks) and have a chance of spawning variants with more perks at high levels. They appear at any player level, start at level 12, and level with the player character up to 60. Lower ranking soldiers now scale at a rate of 0.75 (up from 0.25) times the player level. At higher levels, new Imperial heavy armour NPCs will spawn with new 'Imperial Champion Armour' using the meshes for Nordwar's Penitus Oculatus armour from new legion, along with some alternate textures he included in that mod. Mages spawn with new mage gear using edited textures from MonkeyKong's 'HighRes Mage clothes colored Robes and Hoods.' Light armour NPCs spawn with Imperial studded armour. Stormcloak NPCs spawn with armour from 'Guards Armour Replacer'.

Galmar and Rikke have had their max level increased to 50 and civil war leaders receive all the perks that the corresponding champion class gets- bastion for Rikke and Tullius, heavy champion for Galmar and voice for Ulfric. This will make them much more challenging. Tullius is now the only NPC that will spawn with mperial knight armour- Rikke and the other legates spawn with new Imperial legate armour (thanks to NordwarUA for letting me use his textures and meshes from Heavy and new Legion). Imperial Knight Armour has been retextured to look more like Ebony based on Nordwar's textures.  Imperial armour has been mostly redone using meshes and textures from Nordwar's mods, because even with Frankfamily's textures the difference in quality between basic and elite armours was... jarring. Imperials have a chance to spawn with two variants of heavy armour. 

Imperial gear has been buffed. All the new gear can be crafted. Imperial characters will receive miscellaneous quests to pick up Heavy or Mage gear from Beirand as they advance through the Civil war Questline. Characters will receive a quest to pick up the elite armour (Windhelm Ebony or Imperial Knight) belonging to their faction once they have finished 'Alduin's Bane' and reached the maximum civil war faction rank. I recommend disabling Heroic Stormcloak, Heroic Imperial, Imperial Knight, and Stormlord distribution in the IA MCM as the armours have been distributed manually but if you don't it won't break anything. If a few people ask for it I will release a version where vanilla Imperial gear uses vanilla meshes. I have made retextured red shields based on FrankFamily's assets but at the moment cannot release them as FrankFamily haven't got back to me.

There's a bug where you get all the gear options when doing a gear quest at the moment, I am working on fixing it
**If updating to version 1.0.4 and you asked Beirand for mage gear in the first outfit quest, you should run "setstage cw01aoutfitimperial 255" before updating. Make sure you do not have any of this mod's quests active when updating If you're feeling careful don't update and just run the commands- apart from the two bugged quests the esp update is only trivial bugfixes **

**I recommend using Frankly HD Imperial as imperial swords, shields and medium helmets use vanilla assets**

**Note on Immersive patrols patch: the immersive patrols page suggests that some npcs should have hold guard outfits. I have overridden those as part of the main patch, so if that is important to you use the battles only version. I also haven't played with these patches apart from to check that the battlers were spawning with my NPCs, so they are mostly untested**

Thanks for downloading- balance suggestions and bug reports welcome!

Patch provided for Morrowloot Ultimate
Patch provided for Immersive Patrols
Will not interfere with mods similar to Immersive patrols, but the new NPCs will not spawn on patrol
Compatible with Open Civil War 
Needs a patch for Civil War Overhaul, I do not recommend using this mod with CWO until that is done.
Not compatible with other civil war faction gear mods
Not compatible with mods that change civil war faction leveled lists

Coming soon (In order): 
CWO patch
Extend champion classes to hold guards used in siege battles  (I will definitely get round to the others but may not bother with this)

Thanks to Monkeykong for letting me use Mage Color Robes and a MASSIVE thanks to NordwarUA for Heavy Legion and New Legion