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A simple patch that will allow Inigo to remember that he attended your wedding with Kaidan (does not add new dialogue!)

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As anyone who has romanced livtempleton's excellent follower Kaidan will know, his marriage is not under the vanilla system, as he has custom wedding options. This means, among other things, that during Smartbluecat's superlative Inigo's 'how do you think I'm doing, Inigo?' conversation, he will still refer to the player as "strong, free and single" after you have married Kaidan. After seeing 0xC0000005's recent patch to allow Inigo to "remember" the player's wedding to M'rissi, I had a look in xEdit and made this simple patch.

This patch will allow Inigo to comment on your "lovely wedding" to Kaidan (either option) OR a vanilla wedding, should you decide Kaidan is not the one for you (a 'vanilla wedding' also should include any mod-added NPC who has the typical 'Mara temple' vanilla wedding ceremony in Riften, such as Interesting NPCs, I believe, as they use the same quest). This keeps all your options open, rather than requiring a separate patch for each of the two wedding options, or being unable to have Inigo recognise you married a vanilla NPC if you'd installed a choice-specific patch.

It's incompatible with the M'rissi patch, so you do need to decide before installing which of them you want to marry, if you have both in your game, or you could simply wait until you've actually had the wedding before installing the relevant patch, as far as I can tell this should work (usual caveats about installing mods to an existing playthrough, but as this is a very small tweak, I can't see any problems.)

As per the brief description and the included images, this does not edit Inigo's actual dialogue, he does not specifically mention that you married Kaidan by name or anything, it simply allows him to use his existing "you had a lovely wedding" line correctly after you have married Kaidan.

Simple installation, simply download and install with your mod manager of choice, activate the mod, and get marrying. Esp is flagged as 'lite' so it won't take a plugin slot, but can be correctly sorted below Kaidan and Inigo's esp files. Spider smashing ceremony sadly not included.

This patch is released with the permission of the wonderful Smartbluecat, I am waiting for a response from Liv but understand she isn't currently on the Nexus very often - as far as I understand it, because the mod doesn't actually change anything for Kaidan (it simply changes the conditions for Inigo's relevant dialogue lines to include Kaidan's wedding as an option to trigger the new line) it should be okay to release while I wait, but of course if Liv asks me to take it down, I will.

Oh, and many thanks to the far more experienced modders who supported me through making my first little mod for release (ie put up with me double-checking I knew what I was doing. Which it turned out, I did!)