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At this current moment, this mod contains an amulet, ring, greatsword, longsword, short sword, warhammer and shield - modeled after artwork from the metal band 'Trivium'.

Permissions and credits

On the docks of Windhelm you will find a large chest with the weapons, ring, amulet and shield. The weapons are a warhammer, greatsword, shortsword(Dagger) and longsword. Quest to come later. In celebration of Trivium's new album, I released this package of swords as a fan of their work for years. Please enjoy. The textures are 8k, 4k and 2k.  The weapons have Daedric stats and can also be forged and tempered. The ring and amulet can also be forged.

You absolutely may not use any of the assets in this mod for anything. The artwork depicted in this mod is based upon artwork owned by Kiichichaos LLC and/or Roadrunner Records. Do not distribute this mod or any of it's assets off of Nexus.

Please contact me before releasing a translated version. You may also contact me about the above stated permissions. Depending on the context we may be able to work something out. Say if someone wanted to port this to the Witcher, Fallout 4, etc - I may be able to make exceptions. Absolutely no monetization whatsoever.

ENB used in screenshots is the new eVx ENB

Please let me know of any performance issues. Each texture version still uses a large cubemap file and if I need to change that, I will.

Model done in Wings3d
Texture done in Substance Painter and Photoshop

v1.4 - Updated all textures, addition of shield and warhammer. Cleaned up file/folder structure.


Matt Heafy Twitch


FX added to all weapons, similar to Dawnbreaker
More weapons
New Worldspace

Source Image for the model

Hanaisse for help with the amulet and ring - you're awesome!
Mesh and Texture by me.
Art inspiration by Trivium.
Personal thanks to legobuchse from the Kiichi Chaos Crew discord server.