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PSDI allows you to buy items in stores that are on display. Additionally you may directly eat or drink items in taverns, at your home or in guilds you are a member of.

Permissions and credits
Patch for I´m a Customer Dammit and PSDI published

Update 1.1.0 is available now. Included Features are:
  • fixed "Hotkeys stay binded when changing them"-Bug
  • made the hotkey optional
  • supported several localizations in one file (currently english and german translation)
  • item names are now displayed (with MCM option to turn it on/off)

Edit: Update 1.1.1 introduces a small bugfix. If started in another language as english or german the item name would not be displayed. If you do play in english or german version 1.1.1 will be the same as 1.1.0 to you.

Purchaseable Store-Display-Items

Did you ever ask yourself why Skyrims shop owners won´t let you buy the actual stuff in their shops? Did you ever just want to go into a store and buy the fancy sword hanging from the wall? Did you ever feel like you would deserve a nice Honningbrew Mead in the Bannered Mare after a long and stressfull day of adventuring Skyrim but you just can´t order it for whatever reason? Well no more...
With PSDI you are able to buy the product of your choice, shop everywhere, go to the market in Solitude, Whiterun and Riften, drink as much ale in the tavern of your choice as your moneybag yields or just enjoy your dinner at the balcony of Lakeview Manor watching the sun set over Lake Ilinalta.

  • SKSE is needed to display the name of the bought item in the message box
  • SkyUI to enable the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) and let you choose the settings

  • Buy displayed store items
  • Eat and drink items displayed in taverns directly
  • Eat and drink items in your player home or in faction homes you are a member of
  • Bypass the message box which asks you if you want to buy an item via MCM menu option and buy items instantly through activation
  • Complete Mod and all parts of it may be turned on and off in the MCM
  • Customizable hotkey to (de-)activate the mod quickly in game
  • Sneaking and combat action will do the same
Not Included:
  • Price modifications through perks are not taken into account (you will pay the objects base price)
  • The paid money won´t be added to the merchants inventory

How it works
PSDI adds a quest to the game which attaches a perk to the Player which enables him to purchase or consume items with specific keywords under certain conditions. The quest is enabled on game start and runs all the time. Items are buyable if they have a "VendorItem"-keyword attached to them and if the Player is in a store (location with "LocTypeStore"-keyword). If he is in a tavern ("LocTypeInn") food items and potions are instead consumable, which means if activating the Player will instantly consume (equip) them. In both cases the Player has to pay their price, but therefore gains ownership so he won´t steal. If the Player is at home ("LocTypePlayerHouse") or in a guild or faction home the player is member of he can too consume food (without paying of course). The membership of factions was not easy to identify and therefore relies on a script which checks every time the player enters a new location if it is a faction location and if the player belongs to it. This is done differnetly by checking a quest stage, directly the membership or other global variables.

Mod Parts
The Mod comes in three parts which can be turned on or off seperatly in the MCM to allow you to customize your gaming experience.
  • Stores: Buy items with any "VendorItem"-keyword except for clutter so the containers are not purchaseable too. There are a few shops in the game which are flagged with a newly created keyword as general stores where even clutter is buyable.
  • Taverns: Consume food and drinks in taverns around Skyrim in exchange for coin.
  • Homes+Guilds: Not originally the goal of the mod I added the feature to consume items in your home and allied locations

English and german versions are merged into one single esp file with update 1.1.0.

French translation of PSDI available on thanks to Elmeridyn.

MCM Configuration
Most MCM options set a global variable to one (active) or zero (inactive) which is checked in the above mentioned conditions of the perk added by the mod. This means by activating the options the condition for a mod part are suddenly fullfilled and it will work. Listed below are all MCM options available and a brief description. There is also a picture of the MCM menu in the screenshots.
  • Mod active: (De-)Activates the whole mod so you can toggle it manually through using the hotkey.
  • Hotkey: Enables the Player to toggle the above option without opening the MCM.
  • Display Name: Displays the item name. Because it flickers and may be buggy it can be turned off here.
  • Buy/Eat everywhere: Supplements the other mod parts so you can buy/consume items in every location not originally covered by the mod. This was added to give the Player more power to manually choose where to buy and eat. So for example without "Eat everywhere" you would not be able to eat something on the balkony of Lakeview Manor because it has not got the player home keyword. Do not use both options at the same time or you will get doubled messages.
  • Cities/Castles: Allows to buy items in cities and castles if turned on. The option exists because both are huge locations and many objects which are not intended will be buyable. For example if activated you will be able to buy stuff at the market stands in Whiterun but the food outside of Jorrvaskr which is clearly not for sale will be buyable too. In castles only items related to magic and alchemy are for sale because often court wizards have their stores there, unfortunatly this means the books in the jarls bedroom can be bought too.
  • Uninstall Mod: Tick the option leave the MCM and confirm the appearing message box to remove the perk and stop the quest added by PSDI.
  • Mod section activ: Enables the mentioned mod part.
  • Instant activation: Normally the player is prompted with a message box after activating an item. This option skips the message box and automatically picks the first button that would appear.
  • Buy option for taverns: Adds the option to buy items to the tavern message box so you may take food from the tavern with you.

Strenghts and weaknesses of the keyword approach
  • No changes in the world: The keywords are already there so nothing in the game is changed the mod only adds something.
  • Compatibility: This results in a high per se compatibility with other mods because they mostly use keywords too to describe their locations.

  • Inaccuracy: Because the mod works with locations which are often many cells huge it affects many items it should not affect, for example you are not only able to buy objects in the salesroom but also in the vendors living room.

  • The item name disappears when it is purchaseable and you are hovering over it as the new text label overwrites it. But it is correctly shown in the appearing message box after activating it plus you can just use the hotkey or sneak to disable PSDI and see the name. The item name may be displayed correctly with version 1.1.0 but unfortunatly it takes a moment until it appears which someone might find annoying. Therefore it can be turned off in the MCM. It is so because PSDI checks for the crosshair to cross new references and only after it found one the name of the object is asked for and subsequently set.
  • Not really a bug but it takes ten ingame days for items in cells to respawn, in this time the Player must not return to the cell or the timer will be reset to zero (!). So if you go every day shopping in Whiteruns market place the stalls will soon be empty.
  • NPCs will sometimes react as if the Player just found an item.

Download the file and install with the mod manager of your choice or extract and place the files in the right directory of your Skyrim folder. If installing midgame it will take a while for the MCM to register. Before uninstalling on a running game you might want to select the `Uninstall Mod´
option to stop the running quests and remove the added perk. Then leave MCM and select `Yes´ in the appearing text box. Attention: Once this is done you will not be able to activate PSDI on your current save game again.

PSDI should be compatible with most mods as it does not change existing cells but adds new content. However if mods introduce new locations or change old ones without attaching the correct keywords they won´t be recognized by PSDI.

Suggested mods
  • The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) fixes some keywords so they make more sense and you will be able to buy more items with PSDI
  • Cooking, alchemy and such overhauls (e.g. Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul) are great for their added variety but are only present in PSDI if they place objects in the game world for you to interact with
  • Shop and Inn overhauls such as JK's Belethor's General Goods. or InnCredible perfectly fit with PSDI as they add tons of stuff on display which you can buy
  • Same goes for bigger location overhauls such as Immersive College of Winterhold or Expanded Towns and Cities (SSE) which add more food to consume in the college or even introduce a whole bunch of new stores for you to go shopping
  • iNeed takes PSDI to another level as it adds animations for eating and drinking (must be turned on in the MCM) plus there is an option that prevents you from just taking crops of a farmers fields but enables you to buy it which supplements PSDI perfectly
  • Player homes added by other mods can be great for they are often made with much love for detail but many of them do not use actual food items so there is nothing to eat in there

Similar mods to PSDI
I found two mods on the Nexus which are similar to my own mod. You might want to check them out first to see if they fit your needs better than PSDI. These are:
Immersive Merchants does nearly the same thing as PSDI but has a different approach. You may also buy items on store displays but they are handpicked throughout whole Skyrim and connected to an xmarker to which a script is attached. Therefore you will have an accuracy you will never see in PSDI but it is not compatible with other mods until a patch is made.
I'm a Customer Dammit focuses more on the consume part. It lets you order meals at inns and eat them straight out of the game world like PSDI does. Additionally you may setup a meal in your home which stays so you can eat it everytime you come home which is a pretty awesome feature. When it comes to shops though activating displayed items just brings you into the barter menu with the shop owner.

There might be a second version of PSDI which does the same but uses triggers to start and stop the quest. This would be more precise and performance friendly but probably not compatible with other mods. For more information and to suggest own thoughts see the forums page.


This is the first mod I ever created so please let me know what you think about it in the comments, the good, the bad and the ugly stuff. And sorry if it has some flaws. I hope you enjoy it!