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Adds several journals to the world detailing the locations of all the Dragon Priests and their loot. There is no quest markers you must actively search and follow directions similar to quests in Morrowind.

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Use the mod manager.

Should be compatible with most mods out there. Anything that modifies the cells of inns or shops might not be compatible. The journals are all placed in interior cells. They can't go far if they are placed in an interior cell.

I didn't like the thought of googling each and every location of the Dragon Priest masks and wished there was a way in game that at least
provided clues about the location of the dragon priests. This mod aims to fix that by hand placing journals across skyrim written by an unnamed adventurer / scholar who is also in search of these dragon priests and their treasure.
There are 12 hand placed journals in total to collect each journal describes a little bit about the dragon priest and where their tomb was last reported.

I play with the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod. This mod is recommended but not required. This mod has no dependencies related to Legacy in any way.

The backstory of the person writing the journals is a friend of Auryen who was tasked to recover the dragon priest masks but is obviously unsuccessful somehow. However they documented each thing they learned about the Dragon Priests and their possible locations.



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