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Bodyslide Files for Kozakowy's Falka Armor

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"I don't have the time to manage another modpage. Maybe you'd like to do it?" -K
Kozakowy has been generous in allowing me to post bodyslides of their Falka Armor. The responsibility and creation of this mod, and page fall on me. So any issues you have with this mod, don't bother Kozakowy.

If you like the mod, please consider going and donating to Kozakowy.
REQUIREMENT: Kozakowy's Falka Armor
This mod comes with an optional ESP to enable Max and Min Weight.
If you don't use the ESP the armor will show up in game at the max weight of your bodyslide.
THERE ARE 2 SHAPES TO PICK FROM. Falka Armor Full Shape, or Falka Armor PURE.

When installing make sure you build one of these in bodyslide, otherwise you won't see any changes in game.
Falka Armor Full Shape is as close to the real CBBE body as I could get with good results. Falka Armor Full Shape Butt Physics is that same shape however, including physics data for the butt. HDT, CBP, or CBPC should offer results (I am not educated on SMP physics sorry).
Falka Armor PURE adjusts some of the armor parts into CBBE and leaves other parts in the base shape. Falka Armor PURE Butt Physics is that same shape however, including physics data for the butt. HDT, CBP, or CBPC should cover it. Extreme bodyslides might find strange results from using PURE due to the fact that some of the body is the original shape and some is CBBE. There is no need to worry about the actual CBBE body sticking out in places (it isnt there). However, in extreme settings the under armor might poke out from the over armor.

My personal favorite, is using bodyslide to build my own body preset using PURE Butt Physics and making sure to NOT select build morphs option, this leaves your armor shape intact if using mods that morph the CBBE body in game.
Please post suggestions, comments, issues, in the comment section.
Thanks all, enjoy! Also be sure to thank Kozakowy for the creation of the armor. It just looks so freaking good!