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WIP Live in the same home inside houses located in every Skyrim hold. NAVMESH will come soon, I hope.

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This mod use the same interior space (with three floors) inside houses located in every Skyrim hold. They can be viewed on the map without the need to discover them first and are ready to fast travel to. You'll also be able to travel back to Skuldafn (and Sovngarde) once you finished the required quest, "Dragonslayer".

Here is a temporary list of the houses, in poor English:

Eastmarch - Near Darkshade Cave.
Eastmarch - Facing the docks on the other side of the river.
Falkreath - In Illinata's Deep neighborhood.
Haafingar- Travel through Dragon's Bridge, heading southeast, then cross the second bridge.
Hjallmarch - Near Crabber's Shanty.
Hjallmarch - Facing Morthal's graveyard from above.
Hjallmarch - Near Chillwind Depths.
The Pale - On top of Dawnstar city., behind Silus Vesuius's house and facing the docks from high above.
The Reach - Near Old Hroldan.
The Reach - Near Liar's Retreat.
The Rift - Near Merryfair Farm, just outside Riften city.
The Rift - Near Sarethi Farm.
Whiterun - Just outside Riverwood, near the bridge.
Whiterun - An Ork longhouse outside the city, near the farms and Honningbrew Meadery.
Winterhold - Near Septimus Signus's Outpost.

Note: There is a trapdoor behind the Throat of the World's word wall leading to Skuldafn; another in the origin point at Skuldafn, leading back to the Throat of the World.  And another trapdoor in the Hall of Valor left entrance, where the player can use the same menu shown inside their home to travel back to Skyrim (or Skuldalfn). They can enter and exit the Hall of Valor too, after commemorating again Alduin's demise with the Heroes of Sovngarde.