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A brief non-scripted quest that leads to a fun boss battle with a nice glimpse in the history of the armor and characters.

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ATTENTION: A more stable version is in the option files. Click the Human npc version if you are experiencing crashes. This should fix the problem. will be available in 4k and 2k

ATTENTION: I released a patch that fixes the gauntlets for the knight cleric set. Skinning issues. Please intall the patch after downloading the main file in the files tab. Make sure it's after the base mod in your load order. 

 Update:  I released a new .esp file that moves the trapdoor to inside Karthwastern hall. Should be compatible with all Karthwastern exterior enhancement mods. Check the optional files and enjoy. 

************************************************************************************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Condemned by your past, what will you do to seek absolution.

Embark on an investigation in the reach scouting what happened to some missing vigilants inquiring heresy! Begin you search in Markarth and engage in a fun little hidden boss fight. Acquire high quality unique gear. Discover some insight in this tale's disturbing history.

How to start.

Go to Markarth's Understone Keep find a note left to the jarl's throne. 

This mod includes:

A unique set of armor and great-sword, two helmet variants
A unique robe, hat and staff, Enchanted and unenchanted staffs 
A fun little hidden boss battle 
A small non-scripted quest. Follow the notes and enjoy the lore.
Lore friendly but obviously not cannon may have some inconsistencies with established lore but my reference to past events is limited to avoid these issues.
This is primarily an armor and weapon mod but I thought  it would be fun to have some history, context and story to go with the gear.

Please provide feedback and let me know what you think in the comments.