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25 cute warm knit cap with a furry pompon and differents colors and textures and enchantables

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 25 differents cute warm knit cap with a furry pompon and enchantables.

- 25 different cute warm knit caps with a furry pompon. The knit caps can be enchanted using an Arcane Enchanter.

- I made these knit caps with the intention that you will be warmer in the cold climates of Skyrim, and I made various colors and textures for all tastes.

The knit caps work best with flat hairs. Bulky hairstyles or styles with hair buns or pony tails won't work as well, but see the tips section for more information.

- you can find all the knitcap in a barrel in Riverwood near the campfire.

Can be used with any type of hair mod, the knit caps were configured to use slot 59.


- If you like a specific hair, but have visual bugs with hair clipping through the knit cap, I recommend you use Outfit Studio. You can import your hair mesh and the hat and be able to fit it perfectly using Outfit Studio tools. This also counts for hairs with physics (HDT-SMP) you can modify them as long as you import the mesh and then export it correctly.

Also if your character has a small head or face and the hat is too big, you can change the size of the knit cap or adjust the mesh manually in Outfit Studio.

If your character is a khajiit, I suggest adjusting the size of the ears so they don't over-protrude on the knit cap.

- The knit caps will work on a child, but you can't just give them the knit cap. If you want to use the knit cap on a child temporarily for screen shots, find the knit cap ID you want (example: open the console and enter the command: help knitcap), and then click on the child while in console mode and enter the command: equipitem (knitcap ID) (this option is It is not permanent! since the knit cap will disappear when loading the game or changing cells)

If you want to know more about me you can find me here! ❤ Twitch