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Simple plugin replacer for Half-Khajiit-Race (Ohmes-Raht) with bug fixes and a few tweaks.

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Lately I've been enjoying playing as an Ohmes-Raht using nikojaeger's Half-Khajiit Race. However, the plugin still had some notable issues that I fixed for myself and decided to share with others.


  • Updated plugin from form 43 to form 44 to ensure stability with SE.
  • Cleaned up several wild edits, untranslated bits, and misc errors.
  • Changed race name from "Half-Khajiit" to the proper "Ohmes-Raht" ("Ohmes" for the tail-less catgirl option) and added lore-friendly descriptions.
  • Fixed some race data inconsistencies (most notably regarding height and differences between Vampire and non-Vampire races.)
  • Tweaked the names and magic effect for the new vampire spells. ("Vampire-cats bite" is now "Vampire Cat's Bite" and "Vampire-cats guardian" is now "Vampire Cat's Guardian.")
  • Fixed the unarmed claw clipping issue by setting it to use the default beast race hand model. Now you can use your shiny claws with 100% less self-stabbage. (Note: as of version 5.2.0 - SSE2.4 this fix has been included into the main mod, but all other fixes still apply and the patch is still current.)


Download and install Half-Khajiit Race into your data folder, and then install this and overwrite when prompted. If you're using MO2 make sure this mod is loaded after the original.

Note that this only replaces the esp file, you still need all the assets from the original mod. Please let me know if you find any other issues! Thanks for reading and enjoy.


Credit goes to nikojaeger for making the original mod and providing permission to make modifications!