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Lost in a city? Just... ASK THE WAY!

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Ask The Way!

When I first played the game, back in 2011, I felt overwhelmed by this big, immersive world. However, I felt it lacked something. In TES IV: Oblivion, you were able to ask your ways to guards. They then told you where you could find what you were looking for. This mod adds just that: guards, beggars and children will lead you to where you want to go.

Just arrived in a city and looking for an apothecary? We'll show you where it is! Need to find a House of the Dead for some necromancy to honour your lost loved ones? Let's go! Etc.

You can ask you way to three types of NPCs. City guards, beggars and children. City guards will take 5 Septims. Children will do it for free. Beggars will accept to help you if you have the Gift of Charity.

NPCs will not only give you some vague indications. They will lead you to the location and stop by the entrance. The mod works with other mods - if they are set up correctly by the vanilla game's standards-. Modders, check your factions and keywords! It also works well with Arthmoor's open Cities.