Skyrim Special Edition
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Replaces the low-res VR map markers with hi-res ones.

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Vanilla map markers in Skyrim VR are low quality. It is especially noticeable when you hover and they enlarge. This is a high-resolution version of the map markers. It will make the markers appear a little less fuzzy and jagged.
To be clear, I did not make new map markers. These are same icons. All I did was pull 800% upscaled vector icons from the VR HMD flash file and align them on a 4K sized texture file. It's not perfect, but it's better than the 1K version we were given.
Since I was at it… I made two versions: STANDARD and OUTLINE.
STANDARD is the way Bethesda designed them.
OUTLINE adds an 8 pixel border.
Note that the outline version rounds edges for a smoother look. Also, I had to shrink each icon by 5% to accommodate the added pixels. The outline icons will appear on the map only, not the HUD compass.

This will not work with mods that color map markers because it uses the same file.
You don’t have to do anything in-game. If installed properly, just open the map and see if the fidelity of the markers have improved.
Click on the Files tab. The first version presented is the STANDARD version. If you want the OUTLINE version, it’s below the main file.
Install with Vortex or Mod Organizer 2.
Q: Will this work with SE / Oldrim?
A: No. It's VR only.

Q: Someone gave me VD’s Colored Map Markers, is this just the uncolored version?
A: No! That mod colored safe places to visit and changed some assigned icons - it's a totally different mod. Updating it with these icons and posting on Nexus with a colorblind version is on my things to do.