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Makes poisons much more lethal to both the player and NPC's. You may want to carry some potions of cure poison around. Recommended to be played with mods that remove the starting heal spell for a more hardcore experience.

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Improves ALL poisons to be more venemous toward both the player and enemies. Poison is now a deadly force to be reckoned with and it can drastically turn the tide of battle or make traps something to truly be avoided. Be sure to carry cure poison potions on you when you go exploring ruins! Alchemist builds are now a viable thing late game. I tried to make this balanced fairly well by making only one stack of poison work at a time. 

ALL premade vanilla poisons have been modified to last from 3-8 minutes and the damage has been adjusted accordingly. This includes poisons spit at the player by enemies. All player-made poisons (from alchemy) have been adjusted by making them scale with your alchemy level. At 100 alchemy, they will all be more powerful than the pre-made ones and will last about the same amount of time.


Will not work on poisons that were already in your inventory/saved in you game before you installed it.

(this is an older screenshot and the value has been brought down to be more in-line with vanilla.)

Inspired by Syynxs Improved Poisons on Nexus. That mod was what gave me the idea.


Update: Fixed Nightshade Extract values to 3dps for 10 minutes. Made Nightshade Extract craftable at cooking pots for 30 Nightshade plants. New update should fix the 0 duration problems on some potions (damage magicka/stamina)


Update, added cure poison recipes, since the base game does not contain any. Ingredients:
Pine Thrush Egg
--Because of this, you will need to place this lower in your load order than any mods that alter vanilla ingredients.

Update, increased the duration of damage health poisons and adjusted their description, per request. They are still balanced for the vanilla game.

Update, fixed an issue where Cure Poison would not cure enemy poisons.

Update, fixed the Cure Poison potion having too much value and xp upon crafting and made it work properly for all poisons.

Update, fixed standard damage health effect not wearing off over time

Update, added changes to Boethia's Ebony Mail poison damage to be more in-line with the mod.

Update, made Jarrin Root more in-line with the mod and adjusted market value for mods that make it obtainable outside of DB quest.

Update, fix for the "all poisons become detrimental potions" issue. This should resolve the problem.

Update: Fixed an issue where AlchDamageStaminaRate and AlchDamageMAgickaRate would not be removed from your character after the timer wore off.