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This is a Legendary Edition port of Zardalu's Wizard Tower brought to SSE and soon to Xbox. This work is his and his alone. I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity to bring his work to these platforms so that everyone can enjoy it as I have.

Permissions and credits
This mod is intended as an homage to the original Wizard's Tower plugin for Oblivion. The general structure and layout are similar, but I have created and altered new meshes to add a Skyrim feel to the Tower. The creator of a Tower was not a contemporary of the dwemer (who had vanished long before it was built) but was obsessed with their technology and infused it into the design of the Tower. This original owner has also disappeared, leaving the Tower open to ownership by any intrepid hero who happens along.
There are four levels;

Level 1 is the Main Conjuring Hall and entrance.
Level 2 is the Armory.
Level 3 is the Library, Study, and Living Area.
The Lowest level is the Forge and Vault.

I left a lot of chests/mannequins/weapon racks empty. This is on purpose. I am a collector by nature, and there are all these amazing armors and weapons in Skyrim that I want to be able to sit back and admire after a hard day of killing bandits and trolls.

The Tower is located near Halldir's Cairn, South of Falkreath. It can be accessed by taking the road Eastwards out of Falkreath, then taking the South fork and following the road around to the West. The stairs up to the Tower are near the border gate.

I have added a map marker so that the tower can be accessed via fast travel. As with the original plugin, there are teleporters on the balcony that can be used to teleport your character to any of the hold capitals.

I hope you enjoy the results.


1. Copy the contents of the "Data" folder from the WizardTower.rar archive into your Skyrim\Data folder.
2. Make sure "Wizard'sTower.esp" is selected in the Skyrim Launcher.
3. Play!

Delete the stuff you copied in Step 1 from above.

1. None yet. The Creation Kit complains about the Navmesh, but I haven't noticed any in-game consequences. Let me know if you find any.
2. The machine in the great hall doesn't do anything at the moment. This isn't really a bug, more of a to-do. Ideally, I want the buttons to conjur daedra or atronachs for the character, but I haven't figured out the triggers yet. Let me know if you can help with this.
2. I'm sure there are others. Let me know when you find them.

As always: There are only about a zillion PC configurations out there. So, I'm never going to guarantee that this mod won't destroy your computer, burn down your house, eat your dog, or cause some other calamity. I will say that the mod does work fine on my horribly under powered POS which is still running 32 bit Windows XP. I also run the HighResTexturePacks, as well as all of the Unofficial Patches. Also my TOMB mod. But that's it for mods. I imagine that it will cause a conflict with any mod that alters the area near Halldir's Cairn and its environs.

-fixed annoying sound throughout the tower
-added clutter throughout tower
-made player chests in vault face the correct direction
-fixed throne name
-minor adjustements/fixes throughout.

-Fixed broken .bsa issue by replacing bsa with free files.

-First release.

1. Add daedra/atronach conjuring per above.
2. General cleanup, bugfix as necessary.
3. Spruce up the armory.
4. Make a key/quest to obtain the Tower. Right now, you walk in, it's yours.

Bethesda and Skyrim Team
Niftools/Nifskope team
NifUtilsSuite creators
Autodesk for 3dsmax.
Skyrim Nexus for helping to keep mods alive.
GIMP 2 creators
My family for tolerating my modding addiction.
Whoever else that I forgot.