Skyrim Special Edition
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Modifies most light armor have to zero weight. Nothing much to see here.

(First Mod, I tried including all light armor and clothing but the Creation Kit kept breaking at a certain point when I kept modifying each and every item, will do clothing next.)

Permissions and credits
All the Armor included:
Fur Armor
Hide Armor
Thieves Guild Armor
Guild Master Armor
Dark Brotherhood Armor
Nightingale Armor
Glass Armor
Elven Armor
Dragonscale Armor
Studded Armor

All Armor NOT included (most as of now until I can fix my Creation Kit issues):
Imperial Armor
Penitus Oculatus Armor
Stormcloak Armor
Stormcloack Officer Armor
Quest Armor
Mage Clothing

All Armor NEVER included:
Mod Armor

Mostly for either people who love to hoard items or for mod testing purposes