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Fixes the Lightning Attractors in the Soul Cairn to make them reusable as well as making the menus more informative and fixes some bugs. Fully tested and can be safely installed mid-playthrough.

Permissions and credits

All other uses of the mod require my permission. I expressly forbid the mod being uploaded to other sites without my permission.
If someone has asked me for and obtained permission to use this mod in some regard then that information will be noted at the bottom of the mod description, specifying the username and what permission they were granted. If you do not see someone's username in that section then they have not been granted permission and you should report them and inform me about who it is and what they have done.

What is this mod?

Reusable Lightning Attractors is a mod that fixes the four Lightning Attractors found in the Soul Cairn so that they are reusable, as well as fixing various bugs with them and making their menus more informative and user-friendly. This mod has already been extensively tested and verified as working as well as being designed to be safe to install mid-playthrough. Now you can convert as many Greater & Grand Soul Gems into Black Soul Gems as you want!

Which version to use:

There are two versions of the mod and which one you use depends on the following:
  • If you have not used any of the lightning attractors in the Soul Cairn, use the Main version.
  • If you have used any of the lightning attractors in the Soul Cairn then use the Repair version.

The Repair version contains extra data necessary to fix a lightning attractor that was used prior to installing the mod, extra data that is not needed for any other playthrough where they had not yet been used. If you do use the Repair version I highly suggest also downloading the Main version so that once your playthrough with the Repair version is done you can delete that version and switch to using the Main version only.


Use a mod manager, such as Mod Organizer 2.


Make sure that none of the lightning attractors are currently doing anything so that their scripts aren't running, then save your game and exit the game and remove the mod. Also you make me sad. y u do dis ;_; i tried so hard and got so far...


  • You may not upload this mod to other sites without my permission.
  • You may not distribute this mod without my permission.
  • You may not include this mod, in whole or in part, inside or alongside other mods without my permission.
  • You may not release altered versions of this mod without my permission.
  • You may not release translated versions of this mod without my permission.
  • If I have not noted something here regarding my mod as needing my permission that does not mean you don't need my permission for it. When in doubt, ask me directly via Personal Message.

Users that have been granted permissions:

  • None

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Discord user Warlocksg for posting about the need for a mod like this to exist.

And that's all there is to this mod. Enjoy!

If you use this mod and/or any of my other mods, maybe consider becoming a Patron?

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