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Jon Snow is a character face and hair replacer for LivTempleton's Kaidan 2

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NEW: Updated Jon to V2: I have slightly edited his face mesh, made his lips a little thinner and his eyes bigger and some modification to his nose. Plus Jon has a new beard and moustache texture. I was kindly given permission by RemusSirion The Sims 4 artist @ to use his lovely Fiji lip texture: and also his Widows peak hairline:

This newest version is a separate esp file, so it will NOT overwrite anything this time as it is just a plugin for the original Kaidan 2 mod.
Please see last few pictures for new Jon Snow, I will update all the pictures soon to reflect the changes.

Hope you enjoy!
Hi everyone!

This is my first ever Skyrim Special Edition mod that I want to share with you all. 

I am a female gamer, and noticed how there is so little available content for us female gamers,  so I wanted to contribute a little. I was so happy to find Kaidan 2 by LivTempleton and he is in my opinion the most perfect companion mod. Kaidan 2 was beautifully made in every way possible, and his voice is so close to Jon Snow's from Game of Thrones that it became a distraction that much I had to make him look like Jon Snow (plus the fact that I adore Jon Snow myself). Not that there is anything wrong with the original Kaidan 2 looks, he is lovely! The outfits that Jon is wearing are NOT included with the mod and links are below to download these should you wish to dress him up as Jon Snow. I have not made any changes to Kaidan's outfits.

This mod would not have been possible without LivTempleton's Kaidan 2:, and also this mod by user_5697469:


Kaidan 2:


LivTempleton for Kaidan 2:

I used user_5697469's Jon Snow as a base starting point for me creating Jon's face and also the scars, plus I did some additional tweaking and facial sculpting in Racemenu.

Jon's face and body textures were created by FadingSignal: I have customised Jon's facial texture by adding high resolution photograph images of Kit Harington's lips and eyes, and also the facial texture has Jon's beard painted onto it. The Skysight Skin by FadingSignal  edited by y_sengaku has had LivTempleton's original scar textures added to it also. Jon has a hairy chest (my preference lol!) 

I used Sam Light mesh as a base for the body, but you can use whatever you like as it will be compatible. I use Skysight body textures by FadignSignal, so if you use them or similar, there shouldn't be a neck seam.
srm2k3 confirmed that Jon also works with SOS so Sam Light is not a requirement anymore.

KS Hairdo's Foam Summer Hair is included and has been correctly converted for males, you can also use this on your own characters as it will show up in character creation menu.

Hvergelmir's Brows:

Improved Eyes by Nazenn:

y_sengaku for Skysight Sam Light skin conversion:

titomead for specular body textures:

HelloSanta for facial specular: slightly modified by me for male compatibility.

There are some awesome Game of Thrones outfits and weapons on here, and I used many on Jon Snow in the images:

Game of Thrones Armor SE:
Nights Watch Armor SE:
Game of Thrones Weapons Pack: sadly appears to have been deleted.
Apachii Divine Elegance Store (for Jon's fur)
Stark Armors:

Credit to JosephRussell for Lucien Flavius for popping in for a photo session with Kaidan as well lol! and Niborino9409 for Lucien Replacer:

I believe that's covered the credits, but if I have missed anyone, please do let me know so that I can correct this. Apologies in advance if I have missed you!


Please install with your usual mod manager program and allow the original Kaidan 2 esp to be overwritten.

If there are any problems with my mod, please don't hesitate to contact me so that I can put it right. This is my first mod so I might have got something wrong somewhere, so I apologise in advance if I have. The mod has been tested on two different computers on 5 playthroughs and all appears to be working fine.