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A small mod that adds 10 new conjuration spells to summon Draugr as well as 1 Alteration spell to have a little fun with! Delve into the ancient ruins of the Nords to find these forgotten spells.

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A small mod that adds 10 new spells to summon Draugr to fight for your side as well as a secret Alteration spell to have some fun with! All summons are sorted into 3 classes with different abilities. Pick whichever best suits the situation! The novice versions can be found in Bleak Falls Barrow, while the adept and expert leveled spells are scattered across various Nordic Crypts and Locations. The locations are listed at the end of the description. 

Novice-  Levels with player til level 20.
Draugr Fighter, Uses Unrelenting Force
Draugr Novice, Uses Frost Breath and can cast Flames, Frostbite, and Sparks.
Draugr Archer, Uses Fire Breath

Adept- Levels with player from level 25 to level 45.
Draugr Warrior, Uses second word of Unrelenting Force
Draugr Mage, Uses second word of Frost Breath. Can cast fireball, Ice Storm, and Chain Lightning.
Draugr Hunter, Uses second word of Fire Breath. 

Expert- Levels with player indefinitely starting at level 50.
Draugr Barbarian, Uses 3 words of Unrelenting Force. Wields a Dragonbone Greatsword.
Draugr Sorceror, Uses 3 words of Frost Breath. Can cast Incinerate, Icy Spear, and Thunderbolt. Can also summon a single identical copy of itself.
Draugr Marksman, Uses 3 words of Fire Breath. Wields a Dragonbone Bow. 

Locations for each spell-
Draugr Warrior- Yngol's Barrow.
Draugr Mage- Labyrinthian in front of the Word Wall in Shalidor's Maze.
Draugr Hunter- Frostmere Crypt in front of the boss chest.
Draugr Barbarian- Forelhost. On a table with Rahgot.
Draugr Sorceror- Labyrinthian just after Morokei.
Draugr Marksman- Rebel's Cairn.