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Allows Mithril Armor in BS: Bruma to be tempered with Mithril Ingots (from Wares of Tamriel) instead of Quicksilver Ingots. ESL-flagged.

Permissions and credits

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma adds Mithril Armor that is tempered with Quicksilver Ingots. Wares of Tamriel, however, adds Mithril Ingots. This is just a simple patch to allow Mithril Armor to be tempered with these new ingots.

I also buffed the stats of Mithril Armor slightly to be in line with Scaled Armor.

I highly recommend you install Beyond Skyrim - Bruma - Cyrodilic Armors to add Mithril Armor to Cyrodiil's leveled lists. Without it, you'll only find a select few pieces in a select few locations.

This mod is flagged as an ESL.

Reasoning for stat changes
It's very possible that these stats are placeholders and will be changed in BS: Cyrodiil's full release, but as it stands now, I feel Mithril is weaker than it should be. In Oblivion, Mithril armor's stats were in-between Chainmail and Elven. Since BS: Bruma's Chainmail is equal to Chitin (which is just one step below Skyrim's Elven), there wasn't a whole lot of room to make it accurate to both Oblivion and Beyond Skyrim. I decided I would make it equal to Scaled, which is between Elven and Elven Gilded. We can just imagine all Elven armor in Oblivion was Gilded, I suppose.

Special Thanks
A massive thank you to everyone on the Beyond Skyrim team.
Thank you to Symonson for his mod that fixes up the Mithril armor as well.
And of course, thank you to Bethesda for Skyrim.