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Makes the Bloodskal Blade enchantment scale off your Two-Handed skill.

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The Bloodskal Blade has one of the most interesting enchantments in the game, but due to its extremely limited damage it is not very useful. Flat out increasing its damage felt a bit boring so instead I made it reward those who focus on the Two-Handed skill tree.

The damage is increased by:

  • The Two-Handed skill level, up to x1.5 at 100.
  • The Barbarian perks, up to x2.0 at 5/5.
  • Fortify Two-Handed enchantments and potions.

This follows the same formula as the damage for two-handed weapons, meaning it should scale along with your normal damage and end up at x3.0 strength (90 damage) at Two-Handed 100 with all the levels of the Barbarian perks. Enchantments and potions will increase this further.

This isn't enough to make it a ranged power-house at higher difficulty levels but it should at least make it useful along with making its power attacks at close range extremely good.

Similarly to the Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes mod, it also makes the following changes:

  • Price increased to 1250 (was 800)
  • Critical damage increased to 10 (was 8)
  • Speed increased to 0.8 (was 0.75)
  • Gains a damage bonus against undead and werewolves, like the silver swords do.

I mostly included this because I'm too lazy to make a compatibility patch and that mod is a must have on my load order.

This is incompatible with any mod that makes changes to the Bloodskal Blade or its enchantment. I made a list of all the existing forms edited by this mod, you can find it in the Articles section.

Might have a degree of soft incompatibility with Perk Overhauls. Your perk mod will still work normally and you will still get some scaling from this mod, but your mileage may vary depending on what the overhaul does with the vanilla Barbarian perks.

If you are using Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes load this mod's .esp file after it.