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This mod adds the Mythic Dawn into Skyrim. It includes three path playthroughs known as the Path of Warrior, Shadow, and Necromage. It adds in a main quest. All quests have real-world impacts. It also adds in many new abilities and items. It also adds in the Mythic Dawn Sanctuary. Check out the detailed description for more information.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds the Mythic Dawn into Skyrim. Here are the following features:

- A main quest to complete where you can choose a side and your decisions effect the outcome of the story.

- 6 new side quests that are different for every person and change with every playthrough.

- The Path of Warrior, Shadow, and Necromage which offer new quests and abilities for the player to play through and obtain.

- The Path of Warrior has you proving your combat prowess to Du'Narzaak, the dragon who oversees the Realm of Warriors.

- The Path of Shadow has you showing your stealth prowess to the Dremora Kvinel Vos in a dark and mysterious chamber.

- The Path of Necromage has you trying to restore power to the Realm of the Dead and proving yourself to Molneildor, a mage who bound his soul with machine.

- 17 new quests added in total.

- Fully voiced NPC's throughout the playthrough of my mod.

- 3 new vendors added into the game which can be found at the Mythic Dawn Sanctuary.

- A new world to explore called Arcadia.

- New items added into the game such as a bow that's slow to drawn, but does more damage than normal. Arrows that explode with shock when they hit their target. Including many, many more items with a lot of recreations of items from Oblivion.

Update 4 Notes:
Update 4 adds in the Path of Warrior, Shadow, and Necromage with new NPC's, quests, and abilities. Update 4 also adds dialogue into the mod with tons of new fully voiced NPC's.

You need to be running the Dawnguard DLC along with this mod for it to work properly.

*The Mythic Dawn Sanctuary is found just southwest of Helgen.*

*To start the main quest, purchase the book "The World of Arcadia from Elaren Honir in the Mythic Dawn Sanctuary.*

*The quest to begin the mod is started by a courier delivering a letter to you. There are no prerequisite stipulations to trigger the quest, it's purely random. Your chances may be higher by traveling to Whiterun here and there though.*

*Let me know what you think of my mod and if you'd like for me to continually add new content and updates!*

If you enjoy my mod and the content I create and will continue to create and want to donate to me to help me out, you can do so via the link provided below.