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This mod seeks to reduce the need for patching in Dawnstar by moving the ship added by Beyond Skyrim - Wares of Tamriel to Northcoast Trading Post from the Haafingar Expanded mod.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a relatively simple patch to revert all changes made to Dawnstar to its vanilla state and provide an alternative location for the docking of the ship added by Beyond Skyrim: Wares of Tamriel at Northcoast Trading Post, a small port settlement added along Haafingar's northern coast by Haafingar Expanded.

Navmesh and Landscaping has been adjusted around Northcoast Trading Post to accomodate the Dawn's Venture.

Load Order:
In order to make sure your Dawnstar setup functions as you would expect, ensure that your load order follows this pattern:

  • BeyondSkyrimMerchant.esp (Wares of Tamriel)
  • Quarries of Skyrim.esp (Haafingar Expanded)
  • BSM - HaafEx Patch (This patch)
  • ...
  • Other Dawnstar Overhauls

With this mod installed, you do not need to install any patches for Dawnstar mods and Wares of Tamriel.

As stated above, this shouldn't cause any problems if the above load order rule is followed.

Beyond Skyrim for Wares of Tamriel
Ceasirius for Haafingar Expanded.