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It has been bugging me since I started playing Skyrim in 2011 that there are no female Imperial forces.
This is a very basic mod that will provide 5 each of independently created female Imperial Guard and Imperial Soldier characters.
SLE Version available here:

Permissions and credits
The mod provides five newly created Female Imperial Guards and five Female Imperial Soldiers which have been added to the "LCharGuardImperial" and "LCharSoldierImperial" lists.

Each 5 character unit consists of two Imperial Race and three Nord Race characters.

All characters have FemaleNord voice as default, because
- many of the other female voice selections resulted in silent interaction from characters, and 
- I believe any Imperial units would be sourced mainly locally who, by default even as Imperials, would have acquired a Nordic accent.

Spawning of the female characters is not uniform in that
- some locations may spawn more female units at certain times than others (e.g. Riften and Markarth seem to be predisposed to more female units, especially for evening shifts)
- some Imperial Soldier camps may have no female units, while others may consist almost entirely of female units. 

Attempts to create the units without helmets resulted in occasional "Brown Face Bug" which <ctr> <F4> before saving did not prevent from happening, so, by default, all characters retain the base helmet option.