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Andi5000 - Based on Work by Garnet

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Simple texture replacer to spice up the commoners´ lifestyle with some white shabby chic furniture. This is a light version based on Garnet´s "Shabby Furniture".

Permissions and credits
I did not create two of these textures but took them from Garnet´s "Shabby Furniture" Oldrim mod from 2014.

Kudos, great idea and great work!

Unfortunately, I did not find a SE port of this mod. Also, I wanted not so much retextured furniture everywhere and I did not want to have another ESP.
Therefore, this lighter version will only change some commoner items in commoner houses, kitchens and inns, such as the little chairs, tables, benches, pantries, cupboards, crates, bedside lockers and beds.
And yes, sometime a single white chair on a porch looks a bit out-of-place but that´s the price to pay ...
This mod will not change any of the noble furniture (or you can spot their budget purchases from now on).

There is also an optional lighter version available.

What it does:

  • Replaces the textures "dresser01" and "furniturewood01" with Garnet´s original Shabby Furniture texture
  • Replaces the texture "woodenchair01" with a new custom texture
  • Adds another new custom texture called "woodpostfurniture01"
  • Changes the meshes "farmbench01", "farmtable01", "farmtablebench01" and farmtablebench02" to point to this new texture - previously, these would use the same woodpost texture as the actual wood post which made it impossible to texture them separately.
  • Please note:  From this point on, these four farm items will not be affected by any other texture overhaul, unless their meshes are also replaced. If you don´t want this, select the "No Table Benches" version.

How it works:

  • Install using your favourite mod manager
  • Or simply drop the Textures and Meshes folders manually into your Sykrim Data directory

Hope you enjoy. Making the life in Skyrim a bit more fresh :-)