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This is a Legendary Edition player home ported to SSE with full permission of the creator SkyDragonV1. This work is his and his alone. I am thankful and grateful to be able to bring his work to SSE Nexus.

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I made this mod for when I get back to playing Skyrim. I spent a lot of time working on it in my off time and I rather like it soooo... made it public for you in case you need a "one stop shop" for all your household needs including smithing, alchemy, enchantments, displays, plenty of storage, etc.

House is located deep underground and accessed through a tower right next to a waterfall. On the tower there will be smithing/crafting equipment on the roof has well has a great view. The trap door will lead you to the underground nordic ruin converted into a great living space suited to a dragon born traveler that has walked all of Skyrim.

I don't normally make my houses this big but due to limitations of the building kit I used it got a bit bigger than I expected... has well has all the extra spacing out I had to do due to lighting issues with the game. But I really like the Nordic ruins and made the best living space I could out of what was available in game. I could do more crazy stuff but kinda ran out of room... I don't want it TOO big.

There shouldn't be any problems with it beyond some of the mannequins not always being in the correct pose (game bug) or perhaps navmesh issues (also a game bug). I have not gotten back to playing in Skyrim yet so I have not thoroughly tested my home. I expect to update and/or fix any issues it may have in ze future... but for now... hope ya like it and enjoy.    

The Home can be found on a cliff side and next to a waterfall. Located between Darkwater Pass and Lost Knife Hideout. Console command to try it out: coc waterfallhome