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Adds a light and a heavy hood to the Dawnguard's armour catalogue.

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Dawnguard Hoods
The Dawnguard have been my favourite faction in the game since their eponymous DLC was released, and for my first playthrough with it -- a sword and board tank in full Dawnguard Plate -- their outfit selection was excellent. The Dawnguard Full Helmet looks menacing and badass, and the rest of the group seems to go without headgear most of the time. Cool cool cool. 

Then I ended up signing on with them during an archer character, and... I'm not gonna say that the outfit had me reconsidering my choice in sides or anything, but it was genuinely a rough time. It's hard to take a guy seriously as a destroyer of darkness, the swift hand of holy justice, when he's wearing... that.

This mod rectifies this problem by adding Dawnguard themed light and heavy hoods to the game. These are added as new items, leaving the existing Dawnguard helmets untouched. You can either buy them from Gunmar, make them yourself (after beginning the quest Prophet on the Dawnguard side), or find them on the ramparts of Fort Dawnguard.

I've made a few small adjustments from Adinirth's original mod. The hoods now allow you to wear a circlet beneath them, the crafting recipes have been made more distinct from each other, and the items and recipes have both been assigned the relevant keywords to make them fully compatibility with Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes and Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered.

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