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Dead Man's Dread adds a lot of great assets geared towards the nautically minded but the only place you can find them is in one small location added by the Creation. Now you can see the new items logically placed across Skyrim on and around sailors and pirates!

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A Pirate's Life for Me
Skyrim has a surprising amount of interesting pirate and nautical content despite being a fantasy game about slaying dragons. You can find pirate NPCs in certain locations and quests around the province. The problem is that the sailors the player encounters have no unique visual identity and often just share outfits used by bandits. The Dead Man's Dread Creation added a lot of great assets for the nautically minded but contained them to one small area added by the mod. A Pirates Life for Me takes these new assets and uses them to spice up the sailors and pirates across Skyrim, ensuring that they feel fresh and unique compared to other similar enemies and characters.


  • Velehk Sain now wears Captain Clothes.
  • Stig Salt-Plank now wears Captain Clothes.
  • Irlog, Alding, and Gjuk now wear Boatswain Clothes.
  • Leveled Blood Horkers now wear either Scrub Clothes or Boatswain Clothes.
  • Garuk Windrime and Thalin Ebonhand now wear Boatswain Clothes.
  • Leveled Haknir's Crew now wear Scrub Clothes.
  • Safia now wears Captains Clothes.
  • Sabine Nytte now wears Boatswain Clothes.
  • Eris and Dorian now wear Scrub Clothes.
  • Captain Wayfinder now wears Captain Clothes.
  • Ravam Verethi and Guthrum now wear Scrub Clothes.
  • Gjalund Salt-Sage now wears Captain Clothes.
  • Lygrleid and Sogrlaf now wear Scrub Clothes.
  • Kjar now wears Captain Clothes.
  • Dalan Merchad and Voldsea Giryon now wears Scrub Clothes.
  • Captain Avidius now wears Captain Clothes.
  • Sailors on the Katariah now wear Scrub Clothes.
  • The First Mate of the Dainty Sload now wears Boatswain Clothes.
  • Corsairs on the Dainty Sload now wear Scrub Clothes.
  • The Pirate Captain on Solstheim now wears Captain Clothes.
  • The Pirates on Solstheim now wear Boatswain Clothes.
  • Many sailors now wield Scimitars in place on their vanilla sword.


Simon Magus for inspiring me to learn to mod.
VictorF and Paleo the Patching Parrot for helping me around xEdit and the Creation Kit.
Kris Takahashi and Elianora for their work on the Dead Man's Dread Creation.

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