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Build a custom Fellowship, manage them, and destroy the One Ring together in this sandbox-style quest mod!

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Build a custom Fellowship, manage them, and destroy the One Ring together!
Experience the journey of the Fellowship the way you want it to be.

Part One Available Now.


  • A Twelve-Companion oriented Questline. Choose from any of the friendly NPCs in Maldaran's Middle Earth Redone mod!
  • A Fair and Balanced progression system for your Companions. - No one is Essential forever! Manage their Spells, Stats, and Equipment to keep them in the fight longer.
  • Additional Side Quests, Enchanted Loot, (Non-voiced) Dialogue, and Scripted Events to keep Middle Earth feeling fresh and alive!
  • Quality of life spells that will compliment your experience such as warping companions directly to you, "Pausing" the Questline, and the ability to correct vanilla follower bugs on the fly without need of the console.


Note: Trailer displays assets from Isilmerial's LoTR Weapon pack. This is an optional esp that I will upload only if/when permission from the author is obtained.


Middle Earth Redone | Fuz Ro D-Oh

While Fuz Rod D-oh isn't technically a masterfile for this I highly recommend it for the quest to function properly.


Install required files and then install this mod's files into your data folder. Make sure TheBawbsCustomFellowship.esp is loaded after the Middle Earth's ESM and ESP in your load order. Installing during a playthrough that Middle Earth Redone has already been explored could potentially lead to conflicts.

How to Begin:

Travel to the Lord of the Rings map marker on the west side of Skyrim as if playing Maldaran's Middle Earth. Instead of a door you should see a portal, activating it will begin the quest.


Q: Is this mod Complete?
A: So far I've completed part one. Parts two and three (Following the storyline of the Two Towers and the Return of the King) are currently in the making. But don't worry about needing to restart the quest when those come out. When they're uploaded you'll be able to seamlessly pick up from where you left off.

Q: Is this mod balanced?
A: At the moment I recommend this quest for levels 5-30. Higher levels may need to adjust difficulty. Given the sandbox-nature of the quest and how many game-altering choices the player can make along the way it's difficult to guarantee that the mod is perfectly balanced for every playthrough. If you encounter a balancing issue please let me know the following so I can properly address it:

-Level of your character
-Number of Fellowship Members recruited/alive
-Did you give them health/equipment/spells?
-Part of the Quest/Side Quest that was too easy/too difficult.

Q: Will the mod be voiced?
A: Due to the majority of the dialogue in the mod being shared (whereas the same line could be said by hundreds of possible NPCs, depending on how the player sets up their party) I'm not convinced that voicing the characters would be practical for this project.

Q: I equipped LoTR armor and it isn't displaying on my character?
A: This seems to happen with some female versions of the custom armor due to missing meshes in the mod's required file.

Q: Dialogue text will occasionally fade out while the characters are still “talking”?
A: This is an issue with the characters not being voiced. It won't break the game or cause any issues aside from a few missed lines. Waiting a few seconds will allow them to continue.


This mod simply wouldn't be possible with the incredible talent from the authors of its required files. Please support them and all they do!

Maldaran - Author of Middle Earth Redone
FoNV4 - Porter of Middle Earth Redone to Special Edition
Shademe - Author of Fuz Ro D-oh

Keep updated on this project and my others!
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Stay safe and best regards,