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New textures for various models in towns and villages.

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SKRYIM SE NOTE -- As of right now, all my texture mods are copied from the standard edition in exactly the
same state. The descriptions are likely outdated too. For now, use these
if you prefer the look.
I might look into updating where necessary.

This mod replaces many of the textures that are used in villages and towns, such as Riverwood and Morthal. Apart from that, they also seem to affect a number of other objects such as the tanning rack, fish rack, various benches and tables, etc.

As usual, I've tried keeping true to their original look.



As any texture file, simply unpack the .rar file and merge the data folder with the one in your Skyrim SE directory.

To uninstall, remove these files from the farmhouse folder in Data/textures/architecture/farmhouse:

You could of course also use the Nexus mod manager.